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Online marketing for webshops

How do we make the Online Marketing plan - 5 clear steps

To create an online marketing plan for your webshop we are going to work in steps. This online marketing plan consists of 5 steps and allow you more online sales to generate. 

Here is an overview of the 5 steps for the marketing plan of your webshop: 

Technical marketing for woocommerce webshop

Marketing for webshops

There are specific online marketing strategies for woocommerce webshops. These are marketing actions that go beyond what is included in the basic 5-step online marketing plan. These also have more technical marketing components such as target more webshop sales to become. 

I am thinking of the following specific marketing campaigns for webshops

  • recovering customers from an abandoned shopping cart”abandoned cart mailing
  • remarketing campaigns – “re-approach” customers who have already shown an interest in your products and services
  • mailing campaigns – regularly emailing customers with promotions, new products and tips
  • cross sell and up sell strategies to increase the cart value
  • discount for review mailings – a mailing strategy for more reviews
  • local marketing via google my business – this is a marketing strategy to boost sales at local businesses

Specific expertise for webshop marketing.

Many of these marketing strategies require one specific expertise and knowledge. AQT Now bv is the right partner for achieving your objectives. Our expertise in online sales and marketing since 2005 is the solid foundation.

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Frequently asked questions about a webshop marketing plan

A webshop marketing plan is one summary with all keys that webshop companies use to run a successful webshop in a structured and targeted manner.

That is why a good webshop marketing plan includes

  • a clear it goal
  • how you it goal will reach
  • through which channels you will advertise
  • what budget free you for this
  • how you then measure the success of the marketing actions

In this way you will take targeted action with the customer, the publicity channels and the budget in mind to achieve the goal.

The average webshop online marketing budget is 7% of total sales. This budget depends on the competition in your industry and whether you are a starting webshop or an established value.

The advantage of marketing for an online shop is that you can get started yourself. You can create content, for example a blog, yourself. You can also post on Social Media yourself. But you can also usually create and send email campaigns yourself. 

For each part of the marketing strategy there are specialized companies. It is useful to be guided by a specialized digital marketing specialist and, where necessary, to outsource the work to a specialist. 

A first method is to check who your customers are in the “physical” store to compile a good description of your target audience. Just be sure to detect the correct differences! Customers in your store regional customers. Online customers can too International are. 

The 2 the method it's through demographic data from Google Analytics track who visits your site. What are your visitors looking for (which page is viewed the most?). Google also allows to analyze the location, age and gender. 

As a third method you can do a search term research. Analyze what customers are looking for online based on a keyword analysis. A frequently used search term is a signal that potential customers are looking for what you want to sell. 

Effective webshop online marketing strategies are important for your ROI. It is useful to know which advertising will effectively increase your online store sales.

Therefore, here is an overview of effective marketing strategies for web shops:

  • seo - Searchmachine optimalisation
  • E-mail campaigns
  • ADS–SEA paying ads (shopping ads)
  • Social media marketing – Facebook shopping, Instagram shopping and Pinterest product promotions
  • Content marketing – Blogs and FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • influencer marketing – publicize your products through a famous person 

The conclusion is that effective marketing actions ensure more interested visitors on your webshop resulting in more sales

Guide value for the budget of a webshop marketing plan can be 7% of total company sales for digital marketing.

For example, with a turnover of 1 million. euros, the digital marketing budget is 70000€ 

The budgets for marketing at B2C companies are remarkably high. According to a report from the Web Strategies companies with a turnover of less than €5 million appear to be active in B2C spend up to 20% of their turnover or 13% of their profit margin on marketing. This is the TOTAL marketing budget. Of this budget, an average of 46% is destined for digital marketing.

It measure the results (sales) in your online shop is important and can be done on the basis of a number of things typical webshop parameters.

Here is an overview of the parameters that can measure the performance of the marketing and the webshop:

  • CTR – how many people click through on the ad
  • Conversion – how many visitors place an order
  • CPC – what is the cost per click on the ad
  • CAC – what does it cost to create a new customer
  • CLV – how much does a customer spend during the entire period that he is a customer
  • amount per order

In a Woocommerce Webshop measure the ROI with the Google Toolkit plug-in. You can measure more detailed information with a Google Analytics and Google Search Console. A useful extension that we use are the tools from Semrush

AQT now social media 2

This is a simple headline

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.

YES, paid advertising (ADS -SEA) can be an effective way to quickly drive traffic to your webshop.

There are 2 (main) types of ADS, search engine advertisements and social media ads.

However, it is essential to choose the right ad channels and optimize your ads for maximum ROI.

According to a Smart Insights report (02/2023) the average click through rate (CTR) for search engine Ads is 6,30%% and the average cost per click (CPC) $ is 2,96.

On Facebook, the average CTR is 1.11% and the average CPC $ is 1.72.

Conclusion : ADS/SEA is effective for fast traffic, however, it matters to the ad campaigns monitor and adjust the bidding strategy and targeting for the best result

Optimizing your webshop for the search engine is done on the basis of it writing relevant texts and information for your customers.

This webshop content contains keywords and “long tailkey words. This way you score higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

This is how you generate more visibility and natural (non-paying) visitors to your webshop, so what results in more sales.

According to Brightedge – Importance of SEO for Ecommerce is SEO responsible for it highest percentage (53%) of traffic to your webshop.

Social media for online shops

Social media can be a powerful tool to build reputation, visitors boost traffic and the increase sales of your webshop.

According to Hoot suite are worldwide 4.7 billion social media users in the world. On average, these are active 2h 28min per day. Making it an essential channel to reach potential customers.

(* Hootsuite – Social Media Stats)

Let it be clear, your customers are active on Social Media channels.

It's important to choose the right platforms for your webshop and create a consistent brand voice and message that resonates with your target audience.

Through many of the Social Media platforms also have integrated shops (think of Facebook shopping) or online sales solutions (tag). The good news is that with a Woocommerce webshop mostly a plugin can install the publish automatically.

Yes, you can create your own webshop marketing plan. Our webshop marketing plan START is a template that you can fill in based on your expertise and knowledge of the industry in which you want to be active with your webshop. 



Email marketing is an efficient way to manage your reach existing customers and to encourage repeat customers.

Different possibilities with email marketing for a webshop:

  • abandoned shopping cart memories
  • automatic mailing recurring sales
  • newsletter emails
  • a mailing with product promotions
  • automated welcome mail
  • automatic mailing for collecting a user experience (reviews)

According to a ROI study of Litmus does email marketing have a average ROI of €45 for every €1 spent.

This makes email marketing one cheap channel with a high yield. To achieve the highest possible yield, it is best to keep a number of useful recommendations in mind. 

personalize your email campaigns, create different lists using segments and take care of one automatic transmission. These tips can help you create interesting and effective email marketing campaigns.

What is the best marketing strategy for your webshop? Retaining customers or acquiring new customers? What do I align my online webshop marketing plan with?

Well, retaining customers is a crucial part of each marketing plan for webshops.

It is estimated that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Attracting a new customer costs 5 x more than retaining a customer!

According to a Harvard Business Review report can increase it customer retention with only 5% increase profit by 25% to 95%.

Strategies such as loyalty programs, personalized recommendations, and excellent customer service can help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

The making of a budget for your webshop marketing plan is essential to ensure that you invest your resources effectively. There are several ways to determine a budget:

  • % on sales
  • % of the profit
  • budget per project
  • budget per media channel
  • per season determine a budget

Very remarkable are the high budgets for marketing for B2C companies. According to a report from the Web Strategies companies with a turnover of less than €5 million appear to be active in B2C spend up to 20% of their turnover or 13% of their profit margin on marketing. This is the TOTAL marketing budget. Of this budget, an average of 46% is destined for digital marketing.

Guide value here can be 15% of company turnover of which 7% of total company sales for digital marketing.

For example, with a turnover of 1 million. euros, the digital marketing budget is 70000€ 

However, the actual amount you spend will depend on the goals, marketing channels and competition from your webshop. It is essential to regularly track your marketing spend and adjust your budget as necessary to achieve the goals.

No, a marketing plan for starting a Woocommerce webshop is not required by law. However, the many benefits of a well-founded marketing plan cannot be neglected.

Beecommerce Belgian trustmark

It is useful for webshops Becommerce webshop quality mark. This webshop quality mark checks whether your webshop meets all legal obligations;

  • such as the statement of the general terms and conditions
  • a clear privacy policy
  • a clear warranty and return policy
  • cookie notice

Keywords or in the Netherlands, keywords can be found based on the analysis of your company and the services and products you offer to your target audience – your customers.

Here is a list of the analyzes you can perform to find your keywords: 

  • KPIs – Key Performance Indicator
  • SWOT – Strengths (strengths), Weaknesses (weaknesses), Opportunities (opportunities) and Threats (threats) 
  • 4 Ps  – Product – Price – Place – Promotion

TIP : More info about a Webshop SWOT analysis

Call on an online marketer with expertise.

Google Ads Search certification Lode T Kindt 012023 ls 02

Certify Google Ads Search

Recognition for setting up adword campaigns in google. These are the ads in Google. 

Semrush Academy Certificate Lode T Kindt 11012023

Semrush SEO training

Recognition for completed training on all the basics of SEO for websites and webshops.

Yoast SEO Certification Lode T Kindt

Yoast Ecommerce SEO certification

Training on SEO (search engine optimization) specifically for E-commerce with Woocommerce webshops.

Yoast All-around SEO Certification Lode T Kindt

Yoast All-around SEO Certification

Recognition for the Yoast training on SEO – search engine optimization for websites and webshops.

Prices webshop marketing plan

Webshop marketing plan START

Simple webshop marketing plan (PDF). You will receive it fully worked out from us 5 step plan which you can work with yourself. The template is completely pre-formatted. You need just fill in and your plan is ready.

  • completely ready pre-formatted template  
  • clear 5 step marketing plan 
  • just fill in and finished
  • strong foundation for it start promoting your webshop

€ 275 / Download

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Webshop marketing plan PRO

Based on our 5 step plan we will create a webshop marketing plan for you on. You can then use this to promote your products and webshop. 

  • everything of Webshop marketing plan START
  • incl. a clear content plan & keyword analysis
  • SE plan – which advertisements for your webshop
  • social media channel analysis – on which channel do you post what

€ 735 / per marketing plan

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Webshop marketing plan ULTRA

We make you online store marketing plan and support it with a Semrush keyword and market analysis. Your marketing plan will therefore also give you insight into how your competitors approach it, how they score and what for your webshop opportunities are?

  • everything of Webshop marketing plan PRO
  • Semrush keyword analysis report
  • Semrush market analysis
  • Detailed advice and plan of approach.

€ 950 / per marketing plan

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Webshop marketing plan CUSTOMIZED

Let a wtailor-made ebshop marketing plan. You let us know what you expect from us, we make the plan for you. You can switch directly on the basis of the webshop marketing plan and change the boost sales of your E-commerce

  • we provide full support where you consider it necessary according to your wishes
  • we help you format it content plan
  • together with you we determine the online marketing strategy
  • we take care of follow-up, advice and training
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Professional Ecommerce Consultant

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