5 best CRO techniques for more webshop sales.

Best CRO techniques - more webshop sales

As the manager of an e-commerce company, you are bound to be constantly looking for ways to increase sales and revenue?! An extremely effective method to obtain this is  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques.

In this blog topic, we discuss the 5 best CRO actions that produce the most and impressive results. This using supported source material and statistics from reputable sites.

But before we start, let's find out what conversion actually is And why is the focus on this so important. And why does this have such a significant impact on the sales and value of customers over their lifetime (CLV - Customer Lifetime Value).

The power of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO):

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the making your website better to encourage visitors to it required actions to undertake, such as;

  • An purchase do
  • itself subscribe on a newsletter
  • An fill in the form
  • become a member
  • or for example download sth.

Optimising conversion rate with the best CRO techniques, from your Online store  has a positive impact on sales, because it increases the percentage of visitors who become customers.

Moreover, it offers several advantages over just focusing on acquiring new customers:

  • Cost-saving: Acquiring new customers through advertising can be expensive. CRO allows you to make the best use of your existing customers and techniques to generate more sales.
  • Improved ROI: By a higher percentage of your convert existing visitors into customers, increase your return on investment (ROI) in online marketing.
  • Increased Value of Customers during their time as customers (CLV - Customer Lifetime Value): Satisfied customers are more likely to return to your webshop and do repeated purchases, which increases the value of customers during their time they are customers with you and promotes loyalty to your brand.

Herewith the 5 best CRO techniques for your E-commerce

Below now the five best CRO techniques that help you build your e-commerce webshop optimiseren and the stimulating salesn:

CRO technique #1 : Simplified Checkout Process

Making checkout super easy in your shop is crucial to making it Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and improve conversions.

According to Mopinion, shortening checkout steps can increase conversion rates by as much as 35%

* Source: Mopinion Blog - "CRO E-commerce Tips" 

Make it easy for customers to add products to their cart, view their order and complete the purchase in just a few steps.

Make it possible to make purchases without an account. Make the payment method secure. Offer multiple payment systems. 

TIP : Use a mailing system those customers still persuade to complete the order. This can be done with Mailpoet, for example.

#2 CRO method : Personalise for improved UX user experience

Coveo's research indicates that personalised shopping experiences lead to significant higher conversion rates.

Use data on user behaviour, previous purchases and preferences to recommend personalised products and targeted promotions

* Source: Coveo Blog - "Conversion Rate Optimisation Best Practices" 

Personalisation creates a more pleasant shopping experience, making visitors more likely to become customers.

Optimisation #3 : A/B Testing and Continuous Optimisation

CRO Technique A - B testing

Mopinion stresses the importance of A/B testing To establish what the best working design, content and call-to-action (CTA) strategies is for your webshop.

By testing different versions of your web pages, you determine which elements perform best and continuously improve the website.

* Source: Mopinion Blog - "CRO E-commerce Tips" 

This active approach ensures that you are constantly fine-tuning the site for improved conversion.

Conversion optimisation #4 : a webshop ready for GSM and tablet

With the increasing use of GSM and Tablet devices to shop online, it is essential to make your e-commerce shop optimise for mobile users.

VWO's findings show that a mobile-friendly site can lead to a conversion rate that is 160% higher lies

* Source: VWO Blog - "E-commerce CRO"

Make sure you webshop is responsive, loads quickly and provides a seamless mobile browsing experience for customers.

CRO method #5 : Optimise Website Speed and Performance

A webshop with higher page speed ls

SimilarWeb stresses the importance of the speed and performance of your website In improving e-commerce conversion rates.

Statistics show that a delay of one second in the loading time of a page can lead to a decrease of 7% in conversions

* Source: SimilarWeb Blog - "E-commerce Conversion Optimization" 

Work on optimising images (put them in WebP or use Imagify, for example), use browser caching and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to improve the loading speed of your webshop.

READING TIP : Webshop with higher page speed.

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In summary, the CRO techniques that work best

In summary CRO a powerful strategy to increase sales and revenue of your e-commerce shop. By using the five best practices ; 1. simplifying the checkout process, 2. personalisation, 3. A/B testing, 4. mobile optimisation and 5. website speed optimisation - you generate more conversions and customer value during the time they are customers.

Remember, investing in CRO not only maximises your existing visitor count, but also lays the foundation for long-term success.

As you optimise your webshop for conversion, you improve the visitor experience on your shop, turn your customers into loyal customers and this results in enhanced competitiveness in the e-commerce industry.

So take advantage of this proven CRO techniques, optimise your e-commerce website for SEO and SEA and see your webshop grow, with sell more and satisfied customers along the way.

If you need expert guidance, consider consulting an e-commerce specialist or SEO consultant to achieve success with your online business.

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