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Woocommerce tailor-made webshop advice by a webshop SEO specialist. We provide clear and clarifying advice. Work purposefully.

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Customized web shop recommendations

how can I improve my webshop?

Woocommerce webshop tailor-made advice

You have a webshop, a reasonable sale and will grow further with your E-commerce. Recognising this, you check Google Analytics and wonder, how can i continue to grow? For example, by : 

  • more blogs writing and generating content
  • mine seo improve further
  • An meta description, H1 and H2 titles add
  • solve technical problems, like broken links
  • more external links
  • the make webshop faster

Customized web shop support

A clear and clear view of the general webshop health, the traffic to your webshop, a competition analysis or the overview of the backlinks is a useful method to map out the future strategy. 

Time to one online store consultant to consult and a expert review of your webshop executed. For this, our tailor-made webshop advice eligible.

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overview of our tailor-made webshop advice

SEO - search engine optimization advice

With our webshop analysis report we give you advice on exactly what you need to do to improve your SEO score. This causes a targeted approach

An overview of the various opinions :

  • strategic ideas to improve the SEO score
  • ideas for new content related to the products you sell
  • backlinks that can increase the number of referring sites to your web shops
  • technical SEO advice

We analyze the current SEO position of your webshop and deliver to you in an orderly manner advice report which you should prioritize to rank better in search results. The result of this is more online sales

Customized web shop advice - seo advice

advice on the overall health of your webshop

Customized web shop advice - site health

A webshop without structural problems is essential for a good score in search results. That is why our tailor-made webshop recommendations problems clearly increased. This ensures that you can dissolve and so the improve natural ranking in search results.

As an example, an overview of some topics in our online shop health advice you can expect:

  • clear list of urls where the meta description not good is or is missing
  • problems with duplicate titles or duplicate content
  • pages with loading speed issues
  • missing or broken internal links in your webshop
  • control of the security of your webshop

Keyword research and advice

Our keyword research 

Based on the list of keywords, we look for possible improvements. With our webshop you get advice insight into the keywords you score for and the keywords your competitors rank for.

Get insight into which keywords bring visitors and traffic to your webshop. Therefore, it is useful that we also tell you, with which keywords you can score high if you create specific content for it.

As an example, here is a sample of what our keyword webshop advice covers:

  • of which keywords do you score in the top 3, top 25 or top 100
  • the difficulty level with a keyword in the top 3 to score
  • which long tail keywords are interesting to bet on
  • of what page you score for which keyword
Customized web shop advice - position tracking

Frequently asked questions about our tailor-made webshop advice

Yes, our tailor-made webshop advice helps solve problems with your webshop.

For example, here are some of the common problems with online shops :

  • different pages with same content (duplicated content)
  • irrelevant or too little content for your buyers, not customer oriented
  • broken links in the webshop
  • slow working webshop
  • confusing or illogical site structure

E-commerce site problems cause customers to fail to buy or convert from visitor to customer. Therefore, it is important to address these webshop problems.

The result of targeting these problems with your webshop is a higher conversion, more sales and growth of your E-commerce.

Finally, once the fundamentals are good, you can make the boosting the turnover of your webshop with online marketing.

AQT now SEO 2

Yes, we analyze the SEO performance of your E-shop. Many factors are important here.

As an example, herewith an overview of the main SEO (search engine optimization) factors that we check and advise on.

Important SEO factors of your webshop that we check

  • the page speed - loading speed of product, category and website pages in general
  • the number backlinks and internal link structure
  • SEO-optimised URL structure
  • has this content optimized metadata (meta title and meta description)
  • meta tags - how are the meta titles and meta description filled in
  • keyword analysis and the corresponding content
  • the readability of your content
  • is there Online store high-quality content, relevant to visitors on your webshop
  • are there valuable backlinks to your online shop
  • the webshop works fast and user-friendly structure
  • is your online store mobile friendly

Finally, for the webshop SEO performance monitoring tools such as Semrush or Google Search Console to find out where we can help improve your online shop to rank better in search results.

Webshop visitor analysis small

Yes our report can a provide an overview of the origin of the visitors to your webshop.

With this information you can analyze what the best investment is to get more visitors to your webshop.

This can be done based on the type of channel. Here is an overview of the visitor origins:

  • visitors through paid ads
  • organic visitors
  • Online store visitors through your mailing
  • visitors who through social media channels
  • through referring sites

Our webshop advice is tailor-made structured around the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a online web shop

For example following performance determinants are covered in our analysis : 

  • SEO analysis of your shop – how well is the content and webshop optimized for search engines
  • general health from the online store
  • which and how much traffic goes to your online store
  • what is the page speed from the webshop
  • which conversion has your E-commerce site

This parameter forms the basis of one thorough check up of your webshop. You will receive detailed information and statistics about this together with recommendations to make your online shop perform better and generate more sales. 

Yes our report not only contains the analysis results but we also provide recommendations to improve the webshop conversion;

As an example, here are some of the conversion-improving action points we recommend for your webshop:

  • Make it checkout easy and offers different payment methods to. This increases conversion and sales.
  • Let reviews help for more reliability. You do this by using a external review platform such as Trustprofile or Trustpilot for customer reviews
  • Optimise product pages and provide clear and plenty of information.
  • Make the order button a clear Call To Action (green + large).
  • Finally : make sure you have a fast working online shop with high-performance hosting.

These improvements are just some of the many recommendations we give to improve your webshop. That is why we create a clear report and a priority list. This way, you can make targeted improvements.

Target webshop performance analysis

The objective of our performance reports is to provide you provide valuable INSIGHTS about the performance of your webshop that allow you to carry out targeted action and improvements.

This webshop performance report includes many important parameters that influence the position in the search results, the speed of your E-shop, the conversion and other valuable statistics.

Therefore, this allows you to identify areas for improvement with our analysis. Finally, you will then work with this in a targeted and structured manner.

As a result, this ensures that you ranks better in search results, more visitors to your online shop and you webshop better to convert too late.

Google analytics logo

Yes, you can with 2 simple tools to continuously monitor your webshop and analyze. For this you use:

This is the basis of everything. Our tailor-made webshop advice goes further and deeper into this basic analysis with the free Google webshop analysis tools.

A first step in a good Woocommerce webshop performance analysis is setting 2 (free) tools; Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Search Console webshop analysis

Yes you can your Woocommerce webshop itself and in addition Analyze for FREE and start working with this data to improve the performance of your online store.

The advantage of WordPress and Woocommerce is also that you can use a free plugin to let Google install your webshop.

Useful free webshop analysis tools.

The plugin for Google Analytics – Google Serach Console is : Google Site Kit

Finally, we give more that there are several free tools from google to analyze your webshop performance. Here are 2 important online shop analysis tools from Google:

READING TIP : Useful (free) Google tools for webshop analysis.

Call on a Webshop consultant with expertise

Certificate Google Analytics Lode T Kindt 30122022

Google Analytics Certificate

Recognition for it analyzing web shops in Google Analytics. This is Google's analytics tool.  

Semrush Academy Certificate Lode T Kindt 11012023

Semrush SEO training

Recognition for completed training on all fundamentals of SEO for websites and webshops.

Yoast SEO Certification Lode T Kindt

Yoast Ecommerce SEO certification

Workout about it SEO (search engine optimization) specifically for E-commerce with Woocommerce webshops.

Semrush Academy Certificate Lode T Kindt SEO Toolkit 06022023

Semrush Academy Certificate SEO Toolkit 

Recognition for the training associated with the use of the Semrush webshop analysis tools

Pricing performance analysis

Performance Analysis STANDARD

Simple website analysis. We test the webshop for speed, general health and link structure. With this report we give you every part brief recommendations how you the can improve the performance of your Woocommerce shop.  

  • load speed test of your webshop
  • structure test with health score in %
  • checking for broken links
  • explanation and advice for performance improvement

€ 250 / per analysis

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Performance analysis BUSINESS

We analyze your webshop with our tools and do it a thorough review of your webshop. Therefore, the focus is on the keywords, the health of your webshop, the backlink position. You will receive one report and advice how to improve your webshop. 

  • everything of performance analysis STANDARD
  • keyword analysis – position for each keyword (10)
  • site audit with an overview of the problem to be solved
  • backlink overview with good and bad links

€ 735 / per analysis

more info

Performance Analysis PRO

Very complete webshop analysis with full report and insight into the webshop performance for the 25 keywords. This means one complete and structured list of actions and additionally one Ecommerce analytics

  • everything of the BUSINESS performance analysis
  • keyword analysis – position for each keyword (25)
  • SEO advice with complete and structured list of actions to rank better in search results 
  • we see the usability of your shop after and the Ecommerce performance

€ 950 / per analysis

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Webshop analysis TAILOR-MADE

Do you have a Woocommerce webshop and do you have need advice from an expert? That's why we give tailor-made webshop advice. Our advice is therefore aimed at your specific question or the problem you are facing. 

  • we analyze you shop complete according to your wishes
  • we help you with seo analysis, backlink analysis, keyword analysis or a web shop audit
  • immediately tailor-made online shop analysis, we provide insight 
  • we take care of follow-up, advice and training
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