25 backlinks in no time : immediately more visitors.

25 Backlinks for more webshop trafic

25 backlinks in no time : immediately more visitors to your webshop. Overview of 25 easy and quick backlinks. Discover them.

Social media backlinks through the Bio

It seems obvious, notwithstanding, many companies don't think about it. Through any social media channel, you can create a link to your Online store. Make it easy and add a link to your webshop everywhere. In our situation, this already ensures 6 valuable backlinks to our website.

The first step to guide more traffic to your online shop is to add your webshop URL on your profile page. These 6 first links form the first easy-to-add backlink of the 25 backlinks which we promised. 

Do this carefully and avoid a bad broken link due to an error in the URL, for example. It is therefore wise to the back link after adding to tests

Social Media posts pack

Herewith an overview of backlinks through social media channels the first links of the 25 backlinks : 

  1. Instagram social media backlink
  2. Facebook social media backlink
  3. pinterest social media backlink
  4. youtube social media backlink
  5. LinkedIn social media backlink
  6. Twitter social media backlink

This is a non-limited list. There are still social media platforms where you can can create a link in your bio as TikTok or Snapchat.

Managing all social media channels can sometimes be overwhelming. Helpful here is a social media management app such as LaterApp. (which we ourselves also use). 

With this social media management tool keep it overview and save you incredibly much time with a handy content calendar. 

Backlink via Instagram

Instagram social media backlink

Backlink via Facebook

Facebook social media backlink

Backlink via Pinterest

pinterest social media backlink

Backlink via Youtube

youtube social media backlink

Backlink via LinkedIn

LinkedIn social media backlink

Backlink via Twitter

Twitter social media backlink

Useful LinkinBIO tool from Later

Later Link In Bio backlink tool

Link In Bio landing page with Later tool

Through the LaterApp linkin.bio tool from Later, you can add a landing page to your Instagram or TikTok profile. The advantage of this is that you can add to each post easily adds a link. 

What is Linkin.bio and does it help us get to 25 backlinks?

  1. This link function sends visitors from your Instagram and TikTok account Unpleasant wherever you want like; your Online store, you website or the latest blog post.
  2. Get your increase in followers on your social media profiles or, for example, your mailing list.
  3. Analyse your data via the Later App and find out exactly what your customers are looking for. 

The linkin.bio landing page can completely make unique according to your company's design. You can link other social media accounts, as well as your mailing list.

Discover all the features of the LaterApp social media management tool. (*)

Backlinks via business profiles on search engines

Through the different types of search engines and business directories can you get a register business profile Along with a backlink to your webshop. 

This backlink technique works very well for local businesses, restaurants or shops. However, this does not let you do the same as an IT or Marketing company, for example. 

Backlink ideas trough business listings

Herewith the list of business companies registries : 

  1. Google My Business
  2. Apple Business Connect
  3. Bing Places
  4. Cylex
  5. Foursquare
  6. Infobel
  7. Besearch
  8. Waze
  9. Yellow Pages
  10. Hotfrog
  11. Europages

This list is a non-limited ideas list for backlinks to your webshop. Think of Tripadviser and Uber 2 apps where you can register your E-commerce business and create a back link through your bio to your online shop. 

With this list, you will very quickly have 11 additional new links of sites with a high domain score (quality). This again comes closer to the 25 backlinks which we discuss in this blog.

Market niche related business directories

Every business niche has its own typical related business directories. You can usually list your company on this page free registration Or for a link exchange. 

Search these business directories via Google or spy on your competitors. This can easily be done by entering your competitor's URL in, say, the Backlink Checker tool from Ahrefs

Track down relevant sites in your competitor's backlink list where you can submit your business. This will quickly get you close to your 25 backlinks and this in no time. 

Business specific business directory overview

Thus, we have our company and webshop also registered. This provides an additional 6 backlink made at the following sites :

  • Brownbook
  • 2link.co.uk
  • Webguide
  • Start.be
  • Startpage.be
  • Sitelike

Tackle this wisely by links of business directories that are relevant for your business activity.

Therefore, it is pointless For example, to make a link from a shadowy site (linkfarm) with an unrelated topic to your website. 

It result of this is a worthless link and also pernicious for your SEO optimisation efforts. 

TIP : Create backlinks naturally by creating an SEO events calendar that clients can refer to.

Customer review site for backlinks

Trustprofile backlink

Create a review profile and post your backlink

A handy way to get extra visitors to your webshop are company profiles for reviews. With your profile, you create a backlink to your webshop.

Creating a profile is free. You can collect reviews via Google My Business, Facebook, Trustpilot, Trustprofile, Trusted shops and many other specialised review sites. 

Herewith the list of Trust sites where you can create a backlink in your profile for free.

With this, you once again 2 additional backlinks. This brings the total to the 25 backlinks for your Woocommerce Webshop.

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