Having your own Woocommerce webshop built

Your own Build a Woocommerce webshop by an experienced specialist. We relieve you and install everything. Choose a  design and then you can immediately start selling.

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Build a Woocommerce webshop

Having your webshop built: the advantages

Build a Woocommerce webshop
  • you start with An finished web store
  • Add products more easily and start selling quickly
  • the information is filtered and you thus retains the overview
  • we build your webshop with SEO in mindso we make sure your webshop is optimised straight away
  • we build only high-performance webshops
  • mobile-first Online store
make an appointment
  • you don't lose time - we build it for you
  • get quick answer to your questions there is certainty that you can count on someone support
  • no choice stress about which system you use best
  • Woocommerce has a lot many extensions and is therefore flexible, you start with a tailor-made webshop
  • An having a webshop made easy you of technical details
  • you start with a secure online shop WITH a SSL certificate

Frequently asked questions about having a webshop built1TP5Many_questions_about_having_a _webshop_built

Questions about our working method

Usually, building your webshop takes 1 to 3 months. We proceed as follows:

Step 1 : we listen to your wishes

Before we start we listen to your wishes – what is your goal – what do you want to sell – who do you want to sell to – where do you wish to sell.

Ask yourself the question who is your ideal customer is and what problem you want to solve for him/her with your unique products or services.

2nd Step : we determine the structure and design of your shop

What do you want your webshop to look like? It is important to have an appropriate and expressive logo to use, a short one speaking domain name for your webshop.

Is the emphasis on design and look and feel or do you prefer a modern version of the pure online store?

Step 3: It's time for a market analysis

We do an analysis of the market, who are your competitors, what are your customers looking for and what should we offer. What are our keywords what we want to score for in the search results.

4th Step : together we make a logical structure

Together we make one logical, simple and structured structure of the categories.

Step 5 : we build your webshop

Now it's time for the construction of the Woocommerce webshop. We determine a schedule and provide a launch date. We build the shop – you fill it with products.

Conclusion : to go through all these steps, you quickly need a few weeks / months to launch your webshop. Count on 1 to 3 months to build and launch a webshop.

No, you are not bound to us as a webshop builder. The reason for this is because Woocommerce is an extension of WordPress, the most used platform in the world.

Concretely, this means that lots of information, training and step-by-step manuals to get started with the further development of your webshop. That is why you are not bound by us and you can perfectly fill in, improve and adjust everything yourself after the launch.

A useful and free course is the Free training – WordPress for beginners from Yoast SEO.

Yes this is possible, after the installation you can make adjustments to the webshop yourself. WordPress, the platform Woocommerce works with, I like it most used online platform for creating and building websites *. That is why you can find a lot of information, there are many online tutorials and you can quickly get started yourself. 

(* WordPress market share)

However, we are convinced that we can add value to your company. Call on us if Online store consultant ensures that you can start faster and everything is professionally set up immediately. 

So you so don't lose time with trial and error. 

A useful and free course is the Free training – WordPress for beginners from Yoast SEO.

We work in 5 steps. These 5 steps usually take 1 to 3 months from start to finish.

Step 1 : we make your goals and wishes concrete

What is your goal - what do you want to sell - who do you want to sell to - where do you want to sell - who is your ideal customer. 

2nd Step : together we choose a design, look and feel

What do you want your webshop to look like? Do you already have a logo and domain name for your webshop? We will take care of this if this is not the case. 

Step 3 : It's time for a market analysis

We do an analysis of the market. We use this to find out who your competitors are. This means, what are your customers looking for and what do we offer. What the keywords for your shop where you want us to score in the search results.

TIP : Online marketing plan in 5 clear steps

4th Step : construction of a logical structure

We make one logical, simple and structured structure of the categories, sub-categories and products.

Step 5 : we build your webshop

Now it's time for the building the Woocommerce webshop. We determine a schedule and provide a launch date.

In summary, these 5 steps for overview and a clear trajectory from idea to launch of the webshop. In this way you let us build your webshop. 

Webshop local business SEO kl

Yes, we also build a Woocommerce online shop for your local business. We relieve you and install everything. You choose the design and you can immediately start selling your local products online.

Webshop optimization for a local company requires another and specific knowledge and expertise.

We have this knowledge. This ensures that we make your webshop score well locally in the search results

So you can contact us for “Local SEOand your e-commerce idea for your local business.

This is not a good idea! Building a webshop requires specific technical experience

E-commerce requires specialized technical knowledge about webshops. Below is a list of webshop-specific points of attention:

  • conversion – focus on sales
  • checkout page – payment method
  • structure : category – sup category – products
  • send and return of orders
  • Online store automation
  • webshop seo
  • shopping ads
  • product creation

And so we can list about 10 marketing and E-commerce specific technical parts that a web shop builder specializes in and a website builder does not. 

Compare one website with a showroom, a webshop with a store. So they are 2 different business units.

You can already get one with us have a webshop built for 2250€ excl. VAT. With this you can get started quickly to sell your products online. 

The price depends very much on which type of webshop you want to launch. Having a webshop built for the products of a hair salon is not the same as the webshop of an electrical wholesaler.

The price of a webshop is highly dependent on the following criteria:

  • do you build the webshop yourself or do you have your webshop built 
  • there are 25 products or 25000 products
  • is there customization or can you get started with standard plug-ins
  • do you want a webshop in 1 language or multilingual
  • do you have all the data and are there pictures of your products
  • start a new shop or transfer a shop

WordPress and Woocommerce are open source programs. So you can get started yourself, this will lower the price. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that this takes a very long time. 


Questions about woocommerce webshops

AQT now mobile first

Yes, WooCommerce webshops are mobile-friendly by default. The WooCommerce platform is a very popular ecommerce platform built to be mobile responsive. This means that it is layout and content automatically adjust to the screen size and resolution of the device on which it is viewed, be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Mobile first webshop theme

When building your webshop, we use a theme (a design) that has been specially programmed to very fast on mobile devices. We can even say “mobile-first“!

The webshop we create for you is even optimized for mobile viewing, with features such as touch-friendly navigation, mobile-specific menus and responsive image scaling.

Mobile friendly checkout page

In addition, WooCommerce offers many extensions to further optimize the webshop for shopping on a smartphone, for example. There is also one for checkout mobile friendly checkout page.

It is important to know that not every theme is optimized for this. We rely on our many years of experience and were therefore able to select the best theme for you. So assurance of mobile optimization.

Cool Blue WordPress logo

Cool Blue - largest online electrical shop

The webshop of Cool Blue is based on WordPress  (*). With very large webshops there are more integrations than just the CMS system. This means that Coolblue also uses Amazon Cloud Front in addition to WordPress. * What CMS – Coolblue

Fortunately, it can also be done easily. WordPress + Woocommerce is one of the easiest systems to build a webshop. 

Large companies such as Sony music, Time magazine, CNN Press Room and Walt Disney and many more major players have WordPress as their basic CMS.

Webshop with higher page speed - google

Speed – important for a good ranking

The speed of your webshop has in the first place affect the UX (User Experience) This means how your customers experience the use of the webshop. 

We build your webshop with a good, smooth user experience in mind. The theme is built in such a way to make super fast webshops.

Here are the 5 main reasons why a fast webshop is super important: 

  • for the user experience – customers experience a fast shop as more pleasant
  • the conversion – visitors will become customers faster if the speed of the webshop is high
  • for seo – the loading speed of the pages in your webshop is an important ranking factor, the faster the better the ranking
  • for mobile view – on smaller devices such as a smartphone, speed is very important to use the shop smoothly
  • competitive advantage – if your webshop works faster than your first competitor, it is more likely that customers will order from you

READING TIP Speed up your sales: strategies for a webshop with higher page speed.

Woocommerce webshop logo

WordPress market share of 43%

Yes, to this we can answer with a resounding YES. This because 43% of the websites worldwide are made with WordPress. * 

Woocommerce is the webshop extension for WordPress. The very big advantage is the almost endless possibilities due to the many plugins and extensions.

(* W3 Statistics)

WordPress + Woocommerce = reliability

Because of the many possibilities you are sure of a mobile-friendly fast and high-performance webshop

Because WordPress is so common, updates are fast. So you always work with a high-performance webshop system. There is no special programming required to build your webshop. 

Best-selling Woocommerce theme

Fast Woocommerce webshop

Yes, as one have a super fast webshop built in Woocommerce is your goal, then you choose Woocommerce. 

It is important that you choose an optimized theme! Not all themes are made to run super fast. 

Speed and page speed are the most important for a webshop

We pay a lot of attention to it speed, because this the most important thing is for webshops. The theme we use for your webshop is super fast.

READING TIP Speed up your sales: strategies for a webshop with higher page speed.

As an argument not to use WordPress and Woocommerce, the argument of security regularly pops up. WordPress would be less secure

However, we must make a nuance here. WordPress is a widely distributed platform. Therefore, it is the preferred platform for hackers to hack. After all, if it succeeds, it will suddenly work for many sites and shops. However, this does not mean that the system is less secure. 

This can be prevented in several ways. Here are the 2 most important: 

  • Perform the regular updates, as soon as it is available. WordPress releases updates very regularly. This provides additional safety.
  • Usage an extra security such as Cloudflare CDN. This not only makes your webshop (much) faster, but also provides extra protection against hacking and attacks. 

TIP : What is CDN – Content Delivery Network?

OsCommerce the first webshop

Everything started in 2005

Building one first web store began in 2005. My first one I built in OS Commerce (Open Source Commerce). Everything could then be programmed in HTML. With the necessary self-study, Trial End Error and a lot of patience I managed to get my first E-shop online.

The online shop soon became a success and became a reference in the industry.

The growth and ever-faster evolution of E-commerce and the strong rise of search engine optimization and search engine advertising made me go further and further delve into this matter.

As a result, I became more one more one over the years specialist in everything related to online sales and online marketing.

I now want to put this expertise at the service of companies that want to take their chances online and create a Want to have a Woocommerce webshop built and start selling online.

Yoast Wordpress certification Lode T Kindt

Yoast WordPress Certification

Training on how to use and all the tools and tricks for building WordPress websites and Woocommerce webshops.

Yoast SEO Certification Lode T Kindt

Yoast Ecommerce SEO certification

Training on SEO (search engine optimization) specifically for E-commerce with Woocommerce webshops.

Semrush Academy Certificate Lode T Kindt 11012023

Semrush SEO training

Recognition for completed training on all fundamentals of SEO for websites and webshops.

Semrush Academy Certificate Lode T Kindt SEO Toolkit 06022023

Semrush Academy Certificate SEO Toolkit 

Recognition for the training associated with the use of the Semrush webshop analysis tools

Prices woocommerce webshops

Woocommerce webshop START

Simple website created with WordPress and a webshop created in Woocommerce. The website has one standard design. We install everything for you. That is why you can start immediately.

  • website address (URL) + 2 email addresses
  • design to choicefast webshopseo optimized
  • homewho are weshop page + blog
  • 6 months follow-up, advice and course

€ 450 / month – 6 months

more info

Woocommerce webshop PRO

Let your professional site in WordPress with Woocommerce online shop by us to make. You choose from a very large number of designs. We install everything for you. That is why you can start selling immediately.

  • everything from Woocommerce webshop START
  • analysis + strategy : competitors – keywords – links
  • webshop layout categories + SEO content
  • add 10 product pages + SEO content

€ 1130 / month – 6 months

more info

Woocommerce webshop ULTRA

Let a ultra high-performance website with Woocommcerce webshop build by us. Choose from unlimited number of designs. We create an online shop for you multiple languages, automate your email campaign.

  • everything from Woocommerce webshop PRO
  • Trust profile registration + integration on the shop
  • formatting email online marketing campaign
  • multilingual webshop plug-in tool (EN – FR – D)

€ 1515 / month – 6 months

more info

Webshop TAILOR-MADE of what you want

Let a Custom Woocommerce webshop. You let me know what you want we install everything for you. After that you can start immediately with the content of the shop, such as the categories and adding products.

  • we design the shop complete according to your wishes
  • we help you format it content plan
  • together with you we determine the online marketing strategy
  • we take care of follow-up, advice and training
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Professional Ecommerce Consultant

Boost your E-shop sales with our SEO/SEA campaigns – Receive clearly advice for your webshop tailored to your company.

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