Top 3 best webshop optimisation.

TOP 3 Best webshop optimisation

Top 3 optimisation techniques for web shops.

Top 3 best webshop optimisation for a higher conversion and a better ranking in the search results. 2 key parameters that the significantly increase the turnover of your online shop.

A higher conversion rate can ensure that with the same number of visitors you can more orders obtains. In turn, the higher ranking in search results ensures more visitors and therefore prospective buyers on your website. 

The importance of the right focus in webshop optimisation

If you run an online shop in a competitive industry, knowing the best web shop optimisation techniques a very big advantage. After all, is focus On the actions taken by the conversion of your online shop and increase the ranking improve primordial.

By focusing on the best techniques for webshop improvement you deploy your financial resources effectively. In doing so, you also acquire an advantage over your competitors.

Applying these optimisation strategies results in the generation of more sales.

Based on known data and statistics, we have summarised the 3 best practices for your E-commerce improvement in this blog. We give you practical tips on how to implement them effectively.

You can get a performance analysis performed on your webshop. With this, we give you tailor-made webshop advice which can help you find out more quickly where you can make SEO optimisations. 

1. Optimise your product descriptions and metadata.

Meta data example UK

Optimise your meta data, title and description

To improve your ranking in search results, it is crucial to give you meta data and product description  at optimize. This belongs to the top 3 best webshop optimisation techniques.

Product description

  • take care of one understandable and original text
  • divide your product description into clear titles and subtitles
  • add a internal and external link Add in the text
  • integrate synonyms of your product and keyword in the text
  • the minimum word count is 300
  • give the photo from the product the name of the title or keyword
  • all additional info as SKU or SN contribute to a good ranking product description

Optimise the product link structure

Actually, we can stress the importance of a good LINKBUILDING for your webshop or products cannot emphasise it enough as 1 of the best webshop optimisations.

Link building consists of 2 groups of website link types ; internal linking & external linking, namely the backlinks. In both internal and external linking, you have inbound and outbound links. 

TIP : 25 backlinks to your webshop collected in no time. 

When creating links in your webshop, it is important to SEO-optimised URL structure to be used. This is a detail but still important. Keep the following focus here :

Upsell crosssel
  • link to some related products
  • make use of upselling and cross selling in the Woocommerce interface
  • link to a related blog subject
  • from other product pages, blogs or website pages link to this new product
  • An link to a external website

PRO TIP : External links are sometimes not so easy, you don't want to send your customers to the competition of course. Therefore herewith a TIP is a link to an info page on the material, type of production or Wikipedia. In other words, link to a website that explains more about the type of features of your product. 

By means of related keywords and synonyms include in your product description you increase the chances of a better ranking in the search results of Google or Bing. Think about the different search terms your customers use to catch your specific product and include them in the product description. 

Product Meta - data optimisation

Add in a Woocommerce Webshop easily the Meta title (title of the product) and the Meta description (short description). Try to include the keyword and synonyms in this data as well.

Research by Backlinko show that optimised product descriptions and meta-data lead to more visitors and higher conversion. Pages with meta-description get 5.8% more clicks. Positive titles provide a 4.1% higher CTR (Click Trough Rate)

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SOURCE : Backlinko - Meta Descriptions and Backlinko - Google CTR Stats

Implementation tips for product descriptions and meta data

  • Enter a keyword analysis. In this way, discover popular search terms and synonyms. Add them toe in the product description, titles and meta tags.
  • Write ; easy-to-understand unique product information. Make this "unique" (not copy/paste from the vendor website). Integrate keywords into this product explanation.
  • Always fill a attractive meta title and meta description. This can be done very easily in a Woocommerce Webshop

TIP : Always make sure keywords and meta tags are different from each other. So use never the same keywords twice for different product pages. 

2. Improve user experience and website performance.

The user experience (UX–User Experience) and the web store performance play an important role in both the conversion if the ranking. Web shops that are simple and easy to use ensure that customers stay on your website and order.

A better user experience is obtained by adding ; webshop with high page loading speed, logical navigation and construction and a fast checkout

Super fast hosting is crucial for high page load speed

The user experience and improving webshop speed belong to the best webshop optimisation techniques. A Web hosting
which has a BOOST function, for example, is very useful in this regard. For our site, we use this function of our Web hosting with Combell
. (* We have a parnership with Combell and earn a small amount if you order something from them through us.)

This results in satisfied customers, a lower bounce rate and longer sessions (the time visitors stay on the site). Therefore, the chances of conversion are also higher.

Several studies by Cloudflare show that a one-second increase in loading speed increases conversions by up to 7%. 

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SOURCE : Cloudflare - Website performance, conversion rate.

Furthermore, research conducted by Akamai shows that customers dissatisfied with performance of a website less inclined are to be a purchase to do.

READING TIP : Webshop with higher page load speed.

Implementation tips for a better UX - User experience

  • Make your webshop faster by ; the compress by Pictures, An caching programme to be used, minimise scripts and a fast Web hosting with Combell purchase (faster webshop - discover  Webshop Speed Boost service)
  • Make sure your webshop user friendly is for mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. More than half of orders are now made on a mobile phone.
  • Make a ONE-PAGE-CHECKOUT, fast, safe and with sufficient common payment methods. This ensures higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

READING TIP : 80% higher webshop purchase amount per order.

3. Use customer reviews and testimonials as a webshop optimisation technique.

Google my business reviews example

Google reviews is 1 of the best webshop optimisation techniques

Customer reviews, ratings and testimonials have a dire positive influence on the conversion. You build trust and credibility with visitors considering a purchase in your webshop.

According to a study by Spiegel Research Center increases displaying customer reviews the conversion as much as 270%.

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SOURCE : Northwerstern - How reviews influence sales

Besides affecting the conversion rate, reviews also for a higher rank and better visibility in the search results because ;

  • it is content created by visitors on your website, this is unique text and therefore good for your SEO
  • product reviews and the number of stars on the product page in a Woocommerce webshop are shown in search results, this ensures better visibility

According to recent figures from Brightlocal 46% of consumers find online reviews of companies equally reliable if personal recommendations from friends or family

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SOURCE : BrightLocal - Local consumer review survey 2023

Implementation tips for customer reviews

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails after their purchase.
  • Make it easy for customers to leave reviews on your online shop.
  • Display customer reviews prominently on your product pages and consider putting them on your homepage.

In summary, the info on the 3 best webshop optimisation.

Integrating these 3 best web shop optimisation techniques will be a serious positive impact have on the turnover of your E-commerce business. That's why it's best to start with these optimisations for a webshop with more sales

In summary, with ; better product descriptions, optimised meta-data, An more user-friendly online web shop and product reviews It conversion rate and the ranking in search results quite improve

Help for your webshop optimisation?

Do you also want your Optimise webshop but don't know how to get started? Book one web shop meeting (just 45min) and we will be happy to listen to your plans! We will be happy to help you.

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