How do you get a 80% higher purchase amount per order in your webshop.

80 per cent higher purchase amount per order

Get the most out of your webshop : methods to increase the purchase amount in your webshop with 80%

Find out how to get one 80% higher purchase amount per order in your webshop could get. Here you can read how to achieve this with our tips and tricks.

Do you have a webshop and do you want your customers to buy more, you want to increase the average purchase amount? You feel that you are not using the full potential of your Eshop? If so, you're not alone.

Many e-commerce companies face the same challenges and are looking for ways to exploit the full potential of the webshop. 

There are quite a few proven efficient ways to increase the purchase amount in your online shop up to 80%. Using a few thorough and targeted adjustments and methods, you can turn your webshop into a real cash machine with a larger turnover and loyal customers. 

In our blog we summarize the most effective methods that successful e-commerce companies use to drive sales and aim for a higher purchase amount per order. Our methods are applicable for both start-ups and established companies who want to take their business to the next level.

Understand the potential of your webshop

Before you can use the potential of your webshop, you need to find out and understand exactly what that potential is. What exactly can your webshop and your company handle? What are the strengths, what are the weaknesses and where can you improve or innovate?

This means it analyze the current performance of your webshop, identifying areas for improvement and drawing up a marketing plan for the future.  

A simple way to an online store marketing plan to create and the web store performance can be measured by looking at the  key performance indicators (KPIs) from your webshop.

An overview of the webshop KPIs

  • conversion ratio – #orders per #visitors
  • It average order amount
  • the margin average per order
  • orders from new customers USA's orders returning customers
  • Customer Lifetime ValueCLV
  • customer acquisition costs

This analysis gives you insight into the weak spots and therefore the possibilities to improve the webshop. 

AQT Now online marketing target group

Who is your webshop target group

Another important factor to consider is the target audience of your webshop. Who are your customers and what exactly do they want to buy? Try to find out which problem with your products solves for your customer.

The better you understand your target audience, the better your products are tailored to their needs. This way you can use the increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This in turn can cause you to customers spend more in your webshop

Analyze your webshop's current performance

If you know what potential your webshop has, it now comes down to the analyze current results. This can be done on the basis of a number of factors, namely; sales data – customer feedback (reviews?) – website analysis of your webshop. 

2 important points of attention for a webshop result analysis

The usability from your webshop

    • navigation – it is simple and clear
    • mobile friendly – does your webshop work on a mobile phone?
    • visually appealing 
    • information – is there sufficient information about the services and products

Product offer in your webshop

    • supply and demand – is there a demand for your products
    • price - aren't you too expensive
    • quality – the product meets the customer's expectations

Through the User Experience – UX of your webshop, you can make it more attractive and user-friendly. This leads to higher purchase amounts.

By analyzing your product range and making adjustments where necessary, you can ensure that your webshop offers products that customers want. This ensures that the customers want to pay for your products and ultimately results in a higher purchase amount per order.

Use up-selling and cross-selling techniques

One of the most effective ways to increase the average amount per sale is by using up-selling and cross-selling techniques.

Difference between Upselling and Cross-selling - HubSpot blog

UP selling VS CROSS selling

Upselling means that customers are encouraged to buy a more expensive version of a product they are already interested in. In concrete terms, this is, for example, a more expensive version (Tesla model S VS Tesla model 3).

While cross-selling involves proposing related products that complement their purchase. In the HubSpot hamburger example – (Cross selling and UP selling guide) the fries or the milkshake are an EXTRA product sold WITH the hamburger. 

Standard is in Woocommerce webshops that we build a crossel and upsel option. The UPsel – products  to stand on the product page. The cross-products become shown just before checkout.

Via targeted e-mail campaigns you can send personal recommendations to customers who have already bought something in the shop, based on their purchase history.  

Make the checkout process super easy

AQT Now - online marketing fast checkout

Make paying in your webshop super easy

Make sure the checkout works smoothly. Typical good practice (minimum number of intermediate steps) is the one page checkout. In the webshops we build this is set by default.

E-commerce companies that get this right prevent customers from dropping out early or abandoning the shopping cart because the payment fails. So streamline the ordering and payment process

Make sure that the checkout page contains as little information as possible that the customer can distract or click away. Obviously it has to checkout is also quick and easy on mobile devices are. Make the instructions easy and simple.

From the E-commerce report from Mollie turns out : 

In total gives 78% from consumers indicate that they are one fast and efficient payment method important when shopping online.

Offering discounts and promotions to obtain a higher purchase amount per order

Discounts and promotions are a powerful tool to increase the purchase amount in the webshop. By means of discounts on certain products to offer or reduction at higher numbers, encourage your customers to buy more.

Free shipping from a certain amount or a gift with a specific purchase also helps to get the customer to buy more and results in a higher purchase amount per order. 

Our 2 favorite effective methods are here BUNDLE sales and QUANTUM discount

Purchase amount increasing method 1 : bundle sale

Bundle sale is giving a discount when purchasing matching products.

An example is a “case” for a “smartphone”. For example, on this bundle – “often bought together” you can discount 5% if they are bought together. 

AQT Now - online marketing bundle sales 02

Purchase amount increasing method 2 : quantity discount

You give this to the customer discount if he/she purchases multiple quantities of a product.

For example, 10% discount when buying a full package (6 pieces) instead of 1 piece. 

AQT Now - online marketing quantum discount ls

This also allows you to provide an answer to the question of whether you must sell to resellers? If your webshop sells B2C, you can also offer your services to larger customers with a quantity discount and generate B2B sales in this way. 

With a quantity discount you can also offer services to larger customers and thus generate B2B sales. 

Implement abandoned cart recovery tactics

A abandoned shopping cart is a common problem among e-commerce companies. This is when the customer puts products in the shopping cart in your webshop, starts the checkout, but then stops the order prematurely. It Retrieving these customers will eventually increase the amount per order.

Admittedly, selling the abandoned shopping cart after all will more influence to have on the conversion (the number of orders per visitor) than on increasing the purchase amount per order in your webshop. 

It is in line with the methods of increasing the amount per order. When customers buy, they return to a good experience and buy again.

As trust grows, the relationship between the customer and your company strengthens and the customer “dares” to buy for a larger amount. 

In other words, by implementing abandoned cart recovery tactics in your online store, you encourage these customers to complete their purchase and, over time, they are more likely to increase the total purchase amount on a subsequent purchase.

The method that works well for Woocommerce webshops is the Abandoned emails from the Mailpoet plugin

Using email marketing to encourage repeat purchases

Mailpoet Woocommerce mails

Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive repeat business and amount per purchase. By sending product – specific follow-up emails can encourage your customers to repeat purchases to do or additional purchases to do. 

This method will do it too have the most effect on conversion and as a side effect also increase the amount per order over time. 

For this we also work with our favorite Woocommerce plugin: Mailpoet – product specific follow-up mail. 

Measuring and analyzing the performance of your webshop

Google analytics ecommerce dashboard

Analysis is the key to success

Finally, we state that it is necessary to monitor the performance of your webshop in order to improve it. This can be done 2 simple and clear ways

google analytics, for this there is an easy to set up plugin for you woocommerce shop.

The other method is through the built-in analytics from Woocommerce. This allows you to analyze all the webshop sales per period, per product and per category. This way you can see the evolution and make adjustments to increase the amount per order in your shop.

Through a good analysis of your webshop results you can detect trends and patterns and you base decisions on numbers and not based on your intuition. 

Conclusion and next steps

Fully exploiting the potential of your webshop with a higher purchase amount per order asks for a strategic, data-driven approach. Start by fully understanding the possibilities and potential of your webshop.

Do one webshop performance analysis and implement proven methods such as upselling, cross-selling, bundle sales, quantity discounts and abandoned cart recoveryIncrease the purchase amounts in your webshop by up to 80%.

On the basis of continuous measurement and analysis, you ensure that the value of your customers continues to increase and the turnover of your company continues to increase.  

Through a good analysis of your webshop results you can detect trends and patterns and you base decisions on numbers and not based on your intuition.

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