Handy Google tools for webshop analysis and optimization.

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Handy and free Google tools for optimizing your webshop

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, good tools to analyze and optimize your webshop are essential for more visitors and more webshop sales.

Google offers a range powerful free tools that can provide valuable insights and can help you to help you effectively optimize the webshop.

Google is and still remains THE search engine for which you should optimize as a webshop. It seems logical to us that you also use their tools to improve your webshop for more sales.

In this blog we explain a little more about it four important Google tools: Google Analytics, GoogleTrends, Google Page Speed Insights and Google Search Console.

We discuss how these tools can help you analyzing and optimizing your webshop and how using their functions ultimately results in more sales for your webshop.

Google analytics, a webshop tool for the analysis of your webshop performance

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Google analytics – measuring webshop parameters = knowing

The first and in our opinion the main is Google Analytics. Google analytics is a very comprehensive web analytics tool that is valuable dates delivers about the performance of your Online store.

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The Google Analytics tool offers the standard insights such as; 

  • It number of visitors
  • Where your webshop visitors from come
  • how many visitors become customers (conversion)
  • how long they stay on your web shop, and so on… 

By using Google Analytics, you can understand which products or pages are most visited, recognize customer demographics, track sales funnels, and review how well your marketing campaigns are working.

This allows you to based on data, targeted decisions to take. It helps you optimize product offerings, the improve the experience for visitors and eventually you increase sales in your online store

Integration of this tool can be done via the Google Site Kit for Woocommerce. If you are looking for help to set this up, we are as Woocommcerce consultant the perfect partner to make this right for you.

All information about Webshop analysis with Google Analytics can be found on the website of Google Analytics.

Google trends the eshop tool for figuring out popular search terms

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Google Trends is a free keyword tool

With Google Trends you can see the popularity of specific keywords and topics over time. This Google tool helps you find the right one keywords for your webshop, products and context to search. Google trends is therefore a free one keyword analysis tool for your webshop 

Specifically for E-commerce, it helps understand consumer preferences. You can identify trending (popular) products and discover what opportunities there are to successfully introduce new products. 

By analyzing search trends related to your online store's niche or industry, you can improve your adjust product range to current demand/trend, optimize your content strategy and your tailor web shop marketing campaigns to this.

This ensures that you stay ahead of your competitor, because you respond to emerging trends. As a result, you have a competitive advantage and you succeed in increasing your turnover.

Google PageSpeed Insights tests the loading speed of your webshop pages

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Know exactly how fast your webshop works with Google Pagespeed Insights.

Page loading speed is a prime area for improvement crucial to the user experience and can significantly affect the performance of your webshop.

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the speed and performance of the pages of your webshop both desktop– if Mobile Devices.

The Google website speed becomes expressed in %(*). This means concretely, the higher the percentage the faster, the lower the pagespeed percentage the slower your webshop is. (* Percentage calculator)

Given that the speed of your webshop is a ranking factor for the search position in Google, you should give this part some attention. How can this be done better with a speedometer from Google itself?

Google PageSpeed tool not only shows the speed of your webshop but also sums it up helpful recommendations to improve speed. Common solutions are now known:

    • compress of images (with Imagify plugin)
    • the use of browser caching (with Litespeed cashing)
    • It minimizing the reaction time of the server ( Hosting and Web hosting at Combell * )

Handy Woocommerce Plugins are available for all these tasks. We can help you with this. 

The result of a faster loading webshop is a more user-friendly eshop, because of this, customers are generally more satisfied, you lower it bounce rate and this ultimately ensures a higher conversion. This is equivalent to better sales figures and a stronger customer loyalty

READING TIP : Faster online sales by increasing page loading speed

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Google Search Console helps you monitor and improve your search rankings

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Google Search Console – see immediately if your pages are included in the search results

With Google Search Console you can see and follow up in detail whether your webshop content can be seen in the search results.

A very useful feature in Search Console is the ability to add your submit sitemap. This way you actually DIRECTLY provide the list of URLs that Google has to check to include in the search results.

That is why you can also add content to your webshop optimize to effective and higher in the search results to appear.

You will learn some interesting things ;

    • how your webshop is displayed in search results
    • what keywords provide visitors to my webshop 
    • are there any indexing or crawling problems
    • webshop vitality for mobile and desktop

You can also check searches, identify pages with low clicks and go optimize. This optimization includes a better description, custom meta title and meta description. 

Optimization using Google Search Console By continuously optimizing your webshop based on Search Console data, you can improve your ranking in search engines, generate targeted traffic and ultimately increase sales.

All information can be found on the Google Search Console website

Final thoughts on the available free google webshop tools

We want our webshop to score higher in the search results of GOOGLE, which is why it is useful to use the Goolge tools for webshop analysis and optimization.

Google offers this set of powerful tools moreover free On. The google tools improve the possibilities for a webshop analysis and optimization from your webshop. 

Daraom you can by using Google Analytics, GoogleTrends, Google Page Speed Insights and Google Search Console valuable insights into ; 1. user behaviour, 2. market trends, 3. website performance and 4. search visibility.

Armed with this information you can make informed data-based decisions, effectively optimize your webshop and create a better user experience.

In short, use these handy Google tools for webshop analysis and optimization and boost the sales of your e-commerce company.

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