7 Different Types of SEO Simply Explained.

7 Different types of SEO

7 types of SEO that increase your ranking and boost sales for your webshop

We simply explain what the difference is with these 7 different types of SEO. We summarize for you why they are important, you score higher in the search results and take care of more sales in your webshop.

In a world of smartphones, tablets and digital social media, it is crucial for E-commerce and your webshop to have an explicit online presence. In addition to “being present” online, do you also want to achieve success with your online store?

Then it is online marketing strategy and applying effective SEO techniques paramount (Search Engine Optimization). 

SEO techniques help e-commerce web stores to improve your position in search engine results. That is why it is important and interesting to know that there are different types of SEO. You use these different SEO techniques to achieve this goal and to be found better. 

In this blog we explore 7 Different Types of SEO, we simply explain how they contribute to a higher position in Google's search results. Additionally, here we briefly explain how they affect sales in your Online store.

ON-PAGE SEO - optimization on your webshop pages

7 Different types of SEO

With ON-PAGE SEO, optimize your webshop pages

On page SEO focuses on it optimizing individual webshop pages to make them more search engine friendly.

You do this by;

  • adding of relevant keywords
  • meta tags, which are structured titles and descriptions
  • headers such as H1, H2, H3, H4
  • good URLs that are short with the keyword in contained

This list is by no means exhaustive, but with these 4 you already have some very important optimizations. 

love at all times considerate of your customers.

Optimize in the first place for your customers. What your visitors like or find interesting and useful will certainly make a good contribution to the optimization for a better search result.

Maintain and improve the overall quality of the content. This helps the search engine understand the relevance of the webshop.

The more relevant your webshop, services and products are for your customers, the higher you will end up in the search results. A higher ranking generates more traffic to your webshop. Webshop visitors stay longer on your shop and they are more likely to convert and actually become customers. 

OFF-PAGE SEO - optimizing what happens outside your webshop

Off page SEO includes activities that are carried out outside the webshop to improve your ranking in Google and Bing search results.

This is 1 of the 7 different types of SEO and includes building quality backlinks of websites with a good reputation and relevant context. The backlinks are known to most and are also regarded as not an easy optimization.

There are several quick wins namely to get backlinks for online stores ;

  • post regularly on as many relevant social media channels as possible
  • make a Google My Business profile – these contain links to your shop
  • ask to be listed as a “dealer” on the site of the supplier or manufacturer
  • participate in fairs or relevant activities, through a link to the participants you have a new backlink
  • choose an external review platform for reviews (with a link to your shop)
  • join a trade union

In addition to these quick wins, there are many methods that require a bit more effort but are also interesting, such as influencer outreach, guest blogging or sponsoring clubs and events.

Google EEAT template


Google applies the EEAT principle here

EEAT is an acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. It is a collection of criteria that Google uses to determine the quality and credibility of web content to judge. Simply put, this principle helps to find out how reliable a website or its contents.

SOURCE : Digital Results – What is Google EEAT.

Naturally, one more reliable online shop, provide one higher rank. This ensures that you will be found and build your reputation.

The result of OFF-PAGE SEO is therefore more visitors and a greater chance that these visitors will become customers, and therefore more sales. 

Technical SEO : improving the technical aspects of your webshop

Technical SEO includes it optimizing the technical components of an e-commerce webshop. The purpose here is the improve findability and the crawlability by search engines to improve.

READING TIP : SEO optimised URLs : tips from an expert

Technical SEO is real specialist work. Regular is here tailor-made webshop advice necessary to achieve a strong improvement of our webshop.

The most important parts of technical optimization are;

  • of the speed from the website (eg Hosting and Web hosting at Combell) * 
  • taking care of mobile friendliness,
  • improving the website structure,
  • implement of XML sitemaps
  • taking care of one good indexing.

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Technical SEO makes sure of that visitors to your site understand the content better. Hereby you serve special attention to spend on the usability (UX–User Experience)

Part of this is the fixing broken links in your webshop. 

The same for the search engines, also for the search robot, being able to easily access and understand the content of your e-commerce webshop is important for a higher ranking in the search results.

As always, the goal of this is more sales! Improving the user experience and better performance (faster) of the webshop contribute to a higher sales and customer satisfaction.

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Local SEO - search engine optimization for local businesses

Webshop local business SEO kl

Local SEO – location based searches

Local SEO focuses on optimizing location-based searches. Examples of this are :

  • “Hey SIRI where is the nearest coffee shop?”
  • “Hey Google, where can I find good food nearby?”
  • “Hi SIRI, can you give me the address of the nearest bicycle repair shop?”

Do you have a company, shop, webshop, clothing store, catering, webshop pick-up point or another typically locally active business? Then you have a great interest in working out your Local SEO strategy properly.

Local SEO is 1 of the 7 different types of SEO and focuses on specific local keywords, creating and optimizing a Google My Business profile, obtaining local listings (city guide, regional brochure, …) and managing online reviews.

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Local SEO helps e-commerce web stores to appear in relevant local search results, especially in card listings such as Google Maps or Maps from Apple. If you have a collection point or store, this is an incredibly powerful tool to be found better locally.

As potential customers find e-commerce store easily, this stimulates it website traffic, the number of store visits and the sale, especially for webshops with physical store locations.

Ecommerce seo - enhanced eshop content for products and categories

For webshops the most decisive optimization is the E-commerce SEO. Because the E-commerce SEO is specially tailored for online web stores.

Search engine optimization for online shops includes the following components ;

  • optimizing of product pages
  • improving the category page
  • webshop structure improve
  • meta description, titles (H1, H2, H3), external and internal link building

The search optimization for shops is aimed at making the product pages, categories and all other content in the webshop score better in the ranking.

The optimization techniques you apply for this are; to focus on relevant keywords, appealing and detailed product descriptions write and schedule markup implement.

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Ecommerce SEO increases the chance to appear in relevant searches for products or product groups (categories). Higher ranking means more visibility. This leads to more organic traffic to the webshop, increasing the potential for sales and revenue increases.

voice search seo : voice search optimization

Voice search SEO logos

Voice search – the rise of SIRI and GOOGLE voice search

Voice Search SEO is becoming increasingly important with the rise of voice assistants, massive mobile phone use and smart speakers. Who doesn't know “Hey SIRI” or “Hey GOOGLE”?

The search engine optimization that focuses on this optimizes the content of your webshop to answer voice searches. 

With this type of search result optimization we usually aim for long-tail conversation keywords. This means searches that are typically “spoken”.

Because you do this for your SEO strategy adapts to these voice searches, can you get one attract more customers and rank higher in voice search results.

Higher rankings in voice search means more organic traffic, more traffic means more awareness and this then ensures revenue growth for your store, catering business or e-commerce webshop.

video seo - improve your video content for higher ranking

Youtube Video SEO meta 02

Optimize videos – 1 of 7 different types of SEO.

Video SEO focuses on it optimizing of video titles, subject, images, description and script content

This for the findability search engine search results and video platforms such as YouTube to improve.

You don't always think about it, but also one video about, for example, a product you sell, with optimized context can be found well in the search results and ensure additional visitors in your webshop. 

By optimizing video titles, descriptions, tags and accurate transcripts, video SEO increases the chance to appear in video-related searches.

PRODUCT TIP : Marketing video pack.

If your videos rank higher, they can drive more traffic to your store and increase awareness of your brand or shop. Viewers are typically more engaged and can contribute to higher sales.

The importance of video content cannot be underestimated! This is because video content draws attention much more effective than text or images.

According to HubSpot 72% of customers prefer video learn about a product or service.

Captivating videos can captivate viewers, she longer on your website hold and the increase their chances of becoming customers.

everything about the 7 different types of seo summarized

It to apply of some of these 7 Different Types of SEO is crucial if you more exposure wishes for your e-commerce web stores, (many) more natural visitors to attract and the sell in your store or webshop wants to encourage.

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, e-commerce SEO, voice search SEO and video SEO strategies are essential for improving the Google search ranking of your store, business or e-commerce web store . This maximizes your sales potential.

Applying these SEO techniques and implementing them effectively will ensure that you found better is becoming. Therefore you will store or webshop attract more targeted visitors. This results in a greater sales and e-commerce success.

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