10 useful benefits of Google My Business profile.

10 benefits of google my business

Very useful benefits of Google my business

In this blog we collected 10 useful ones benefits of a Google My Company profile for you.

It is simple, free, all suitable for local businesses, focused on (potential) customers for your business, useful for use on their smartphone and your profile is also listed at the top of the search results. Discover all 10 benefits.

Benefits for your customers VS benefits for your company

Benefits google my company profile for your customers

  • customers can direct contact recording via email and telephone
  • The customer can go directly via the address of your shop navigate to your location
  • see a potential customer reviews about your company, products and services
  • the customer can already do so on the basis of photos discover what your store or products look like
  • the opening hours ensure that your customer immediately knows whether your shop or business is open

benefits of Google my company for your business

You read that right, it company profile in google search and the google map are shown for free. 

After all, the goal of Google is to give customers, visitors, the best possible search results or correct information. 

So feel free to think of it as free advertising for your company. 

The profile contains a URL. In other words one free (back) link to your website or Online store. The link is clearly visible in the overview of your online business profile. 

A well-designed and complete Business profile therefore ensures extra visitors to your website. That is why it is also useful and interesting for webshops to create a company profile. 

The impressions in the search results and the route maps of your company profile will therefore bring extra visitors to your webshop and result in more sales

For example, do you have one coffee bar in Ghent? Then by optimising your Google My Business profile Getting more customers to your bar.

You will be the first to appear in the local search results if someone searches for “coffee bar in Ghent” or “coffee bar in the area” if the potential customer is near your business. 

That's why Google My Business is an incredibly powerful tool and a search engine optimization of your profile can cause massive visits, requests, reservations or calls. 

Moreover, you can too advertise and boost sales. We can help you with this; 

In your profile you can share “updates”. These are for example news items, planned actions or events.

With this you will be able to attract attention and you increase visibility. This increases the chance that a customer will visit your business, which in turn results in more sales. 

These updates are useful as well for physical locations but also for online stores. Via these updates you send visitors to your site or webshop, which increases the chance of a conversion and therefore a purchase or a quote request.

Google my business statistics example

Customer contact statistics

The business profile you set up in Google also delivers interesting insights. This is useful if you data driven decisions want to take over the marketing strategy for your local company, shop, brasserie, service company or business in general.

See clearly where and how customers contact you, how they rate your services and products and how you can make your business even better. 

Via your company profile in Google, customers can contact you directly and quickly

Google my company profile 02

A Business Profile on Google for easier contact

The Google Business Profile gives you a variety of ways to connect with your customers. This can be done by one phone number add or one e-mail address

Through the professional company profile, customers can sending messages (with APP on your smartphone), you can FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers) or for example a button add to request a quote or to book a table

Convinced? You can through us have a Google My Business profile created

TIP : Learn more about Google My Business. 

customers can navigate directly to the address in your profile via google maps

Google my business in google maps eg

Navigate directly with Google My Shop on Google maps

Everybody knows Google Maps meanwhile. It is useful that by registering your company in Google, this is also displayed in Google Maps. 

Extremely useful for restaurants, retail (shops) and service companies. Customers typically search locally or “nearby”. 

By you business profile for nearby searches (Local SEO) can drive a lot of customers to your local business. This results in more sales

It can therefore also be very useful for webshops with a store to optimize your online profile. After all, this does more visitors in your point of sale of your online shop

reviews ensure that customers can immediately see the quality of your services

Google my business reviews example

Stand out with positive reviews via Google profile

Do your products, dishes or services stand head and shoulders above the rest and do you want to show this to (potential) customers? 

That is a good reason to work on a company profile in the Google search results or in Google Maps. Customers to see so whole quick and easy reviews. She to give even after a visit to your brasserie or purchase in your shop quick and easy assessment.

This way you take care of one good first impression of your company and show yourself to potential customers. 

The reviews and the average rating are shown in your Google company profile in the search results.

This is an extra reason why customers just visit your business and you will therefore sell more.

Local SEO and Local SEA can be part of your marketing strategy to boost your sales. We can help with more sales with Local SEO and SEA.

you can add photos of your company, interior or the products you sell

Google my business photos

Let your customers cheat with Google My Business photos

Customers are curious, that's why it's very useful that you give them one insight into the company with pictures.

You can add photos yourself your interior, the menu card, the facade or exterior of your store or of the products/dishes. Customers can also add photos, for example when they write a review. 

With this function in the Google company profile you can easily and very conveniently provide a first overwhelmingly positive impression.

Photos in your business profile from Google results in more visits to your business due to the appeal and, as a result, more sales.  

because you can add opening hours, customers immediately see whether you are open

Google My Business opening hours indication

Clearly visible opening hours of your shop

Do you have a restaurant, a coffee bar or a shop with Belgian chocolate and pralines? On a regular basis you get calls from customers asking, “Are you open?” Recognizable?

That is why a Google profile with opening hours for your company is very useful. On your company profile you can add opening hours and the closing days.

This ensures that you customer can see at a glance whether the case is open is

In addition, the customer can navigate directly to your store if he is around and you are open. 

As a result, your customer is helped faster and you are relieved of the telephone calls about opening hours. 

For a webshop you can choose the message “24H open”.

Do you want to have your Google company profile created? 

Would you like one yourself? Google My Company company profile in the search results but don't know how to get started? Book one web shop meeting (only 45min) and we are happy to listen to your plans! We'll help set it up for you.

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