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Automatic order processing - Sendcloud

Dramatically speed up order processing with Sendcloud!

Increase by automatic order processing the productivity from your webshop. Find out how, find out Sendcloud The partner for a smooth shipping of your online orders.

Being in a very fast evolving sector of e-commerce efficiency and productivity through automation vital importance. That is why it is crucial for your company to invest in order picking automation and outperform your competitors.

Automatic order processing is an important factor in achieving this goal of competitive advantage.

Sendcloud plugin integration

Through a robust solution such as Sendcloud to integrate, e-commerce stores can use their streamline order processing process, save valuable time and the increase customer satisfaction.

If Woocommerce consultant we can help you with the integration and setup of this plugin for your webshop.

In this extensive blog I will go deeper into the advantages of automatic order processing, we highlight the useful features of Sendcloud and we give you some interesting statistics.

Read on to find out how you can increase the potential of your E-commerce store by processing orders automatically. 

[* We wrote this blog out of enthusiasm for the functionality of Sendcloud. We are partners and earn a small amount if you become a customer through our link]

The power of automatic order processing

Manual order processing – the Ecommerce owner's fear

Processing manual orders is the dreaded time-consuming administration where every Online store owner of shudders. It provides errors, delay, unsatisfied costumers, returns and a lot mail and telephone nuisance

Opposite offers automatic order processing An large number of benefits, under which ;

a. Time-saving efficiency:

By automating the order processing workflow, you don't have to no more entering data manually. That's why you can do a lot more orders process in considerably less time. Importing from Woocommerce automatically goes to the system for sending your packages. 

b. Less mistakes:

With manual data entry, errors such as incorrect shipping addresses, wrong house number or incorrect product details creep into the order form and shipping label more often. That is why you encounter frustration, extra work for returns and extra costs to resend the order. Automated order processing systems such as Sendcloud minimize these errors. This results in improved accuracy, lower error rate and operational excellence.

Sendcloud automatic dispatch

c. Accelerated processing:

Thanks to the automation of order processing systems integrate you your Woocommerce webshop effortlessly with different shipping companies as :

    • DPD
    • DHL
    • UPS
    • POSTED
    • GLS.

This seamless integration makes the order processing process super fast. This ensures higher productivity, lower transit time and more efficient delivery of the parcels. Research shows that this way of working customer satisfaction with 30% increases.

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d. Less workload :

A rather indirect advantage is due to the lower error rate, faster processing and automatic tracking mail. This allows for fewer emails and telephone calls by customers in connection with the delivery of their order. They are better informed + the processing is faster. That is why this ensures considerably less work pressure. 

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The figures on automated order processing are telling

Automatic order processing infographic

Strong figures show the crucial importance of automatic order processing.

The use of Sendcloud's automatic shipping service has brought about remarkable improvements in many companies speed, better workflow and more satisfied kid

The results of the automation of the shipment with this program are really impressive and we have also been able to see for ourselves. Here are the striking stats that emphasize the effectiveness: 

Shipping automation is incredibly time-saving

On average, companies using Sendcloud report a time saving up to 80% At the shipping and processing orders. 300 shipments will save you 1 business day in time savings! [Source: Sendcloud].

Improved efficiency means fewer returns

Using Sendcloud ensures a reduction of 40% of failed deliveries. This is due to the accurate and automatic synchronization of the address data and streamlined processing. [Source: Sendcloud].

Strong increase in customer satisfaction 

E-commerce companies using Sendcloud see a increase of up to 30% in customer satisfaction. This is logically due to faster processing and transmission, fewer errors and better communication. Therefore, customers are more satisfied and results in higher customer retention and enhanced brand loyalty. [Source: Sendcloud].

Fast shipping is the 2nd most important reason to buy online

From the research report by Mollie (European Ecommerce Report – Mollie), it turns out that a fast shipping is the 2nd most important reason for customers to buy online. This after a smooth payment. Smooth and fast shipping is therefore crucial for positive reviews, satisfied customers and the success of your online store. 


The advantages of automatic order processing summarized

In the fast-evolving online world, it is imperative to use the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Automatic order processing and shipping with Sendcloud enables you to workflow at optimize by a lower error rate and a unparalleled customer experience.

Due to the time and cost savings that automatic order processing generates, resources are released. This allows you as a company to invest in growth and expansion.

Through the power of automation with Sendcloud to use save you tons of time. This causes a cost reduction and gain in efficiency. The processing and shipping of your E-commerce sales is faster. That's why you can give your customers a exceptional service give what ensures long-term success.

Being in the e-commerce industry efficiency and productivity the cornerstones of a successful webshop. Applying automatic order processing with Sendcloud will make you grow as a company and get ahead of the competition.

[* We wrote this blog out of enthusiasm for the functionality of Sendcloud. We are partners and earn a small amount if you become a customer through our link]

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