5 plugins to automate your Woocommerce webshop.

Automating Woocommerce webshop - 5 plugins

As a webshop owner you certainly know it importance of efficiency and speed. Automation of your webshop helps you with this.

That is why a Woocommerce webshop is a very good choice to have your webshop built. WordPress / Woocommerce is one of the most used platforms for building an online store. Because of this there are a lot of very good extensions (plugins) available for automating your E-commerce shop.

We made an overview 5 useful plug-ins which your Online store processes automatically.

Plugin 1 - Sendcloud to automate the sending of your parcels in your webshop

Webshop automation - Plugin 1 Sendcloud

Save TIME and money with Sendcloud's automated shipping platform. No more manually entering labels. Sendcloud automatically imports your orders.

Customers receive an email with the Track and Trace code. With their Dynamic Checkout you have the option to deliver your package to the customer's home, to a parcel shop or at a desired time.
Moreover, you choose with whom you send your parcels via their platform and you also reduce the cost per shipment. TIP : Automatic order processing.

Returns are also child's play thanks to their integrated returns platform, which allows you to help your customers faster. Customers can log in, print their label and bring it to a pick-up point. You will be notified that the package is on its way back to you. All automatic!

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Translatepress - Plugin 2, automatic webshop translation.

Webshop automation - translatepress machine translation

Translatepress, go international 1 – 2 – 3 with this webshop plugin

The easiest and fastest way to get your web shop to be translated automatically. Use Translatepress and the translation is instant and easy to customize with the visual interface. This ensures that you can use the Translatepress automatic webshop translation, can offer your products and services internationally in no time.

The advantages of Translatepress summed up

  • SEO friendly – this means that the Meta tags (description and title) can also be automatically translated
  • You are owner of the translation, in short, if you disable the plugin, you will not lose your translation
  • Automatic translation with google translate and DeepL – adaptable translation where needed
  • Price favorable, you can already get started with a free version

Plugin 3 - Crisp Chat automatic webshop communication

Crisp Chat - Automating Woocommerce webshop

Crisp Chat - much more than a "chat" plugin

With this handy plugin you can communicate live with your customers through a chat. This can be done with several colleagues at the same time so that the customer receives a quick answer.

In addition, you can use your connect facebook messenger account (but also; Twitter, Instagram, …). In addition, after their contact, customers receive an email with the conversation after the chat.

If you are offline for a while and pick up later, you can continue to communicate via chat or via e-mail of which you received a copy. Nothing is lost with Crispy Chat.

In this handy extension for your Woocommerce webshop you can also save "shortcuts", by the way. That way you can quick answers with this “shortcut”. to frequently asked recurring questions.
Moreover, you can go one step further and part of your further automate communication with a chatbot!
By the way, communication is easy via your desktop or via an app on your mobile devices.

READING TIP : Discover the importance of good communication for your Webshop Marketing strategy.

Mailpoët - plugin 4 for automating your webshop mailings

Automated webshop mailing - mailpoet

With this Mailpoët plugin write your automatic emails. This plugin contains pre-formatted emails, and it is also super easy to adjust.

In addition, you can automate your Woocommerce webshop with the “abandoned cart” emails. Enter this function Mail poet is very useful to turn apparently lost and abandoned shopping carts into a sale.

This also provides a better conversion in your online store.
Mailpoët has a very strict spam policy. because of this do your emails actually reach your customers in their Inbox and not in the SPAM folder.

READING TIP : Email marketing strategy.

Sending mails to your customer list is THE way to stay in touch. That's why the Mailpoët extension for your online store helps mails automatically, faster and more efficiently to send.

Plugin 5 - Calendly, let your customers automatically book appointments with you in the webshop

Calendly - Woocommerce webshop automation calendar extension

Calendly the best calendar and appointments plugin

With Calendly you can automatically book appointments via your webshop in your calendar.

The appointments can be made by telephone, via visit or by means of a virtual meeting (e.g. zoom meeting).

This Calendly plugin won 24 G2 Awards! This means that with the Calendly plugin you really take a step forward in automating your Woocommerce webshop. It has been shown that with Calendly succeeds in making many more appointments with customers.

You can also use this tool internally in your company to organize meetings. The tool also integrates with Zoom, Teams, Salesforce, etc…

The 5 plugins for Woocommerce automate webshop summarized

In summary, we can with this one 5 plugins for the automate your dispatches, translation, mailings, communication and appointments save a lot of time and efficiency.

The plugins are easy to use, very stable and very positively reviewed. This makes them incredibly safe to use Woocommerce webshop to automate.

Finally, a more efficient workflow means one increase for your profit margin but also a better UX (user experience) for your customer. 

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