E-Mail Marketing strategy, boost your sales with effective communication.

Email marketing strategy

Sell more in your shop through a well thought-out Email Marketing Strategy.

Research has shown that a Email marketing strategy the highest ROI generates. That is why email marketing is the most important in today's Ecommerce industry most powerful form of advertising create for online businesses. This marketing method serves to to get in touch with the customer and more sales to generate. 

In this week's blog I will go into more detail about the basics of email marketing. I explain its importance for achieving more sales in your business and how you can optimize your strategy to achieve it maximize the potential of your email strategy.

Understand email marketing

Email marketing refers to it making advertising and the realization of marketing campaigns by emails to customers or prospects.

It's about sending targeted messages to a specific group of customers That interest have shown in you webshop, blog, products or services.

With email marketing strategy, the customer central. So make sure you have different mailing lists, each with their specific customer target group.

Email marketing strategy

Email campaigns can be used for different purposes;

  • promoting new offers such as a mail with products in promotion
  • forwarding personalized content such as e.g a welcome email
  • building brand loyalty by e.g. a monthly mail with the recent blog articles
  • generating sales with e.g abandoned cart mailing
  • if – then mailings such as e.g. an email for maintenance, 1 year after the purchase of a grass robot
  • newsletter mailing with, for example, company news, information about a new office or, for example, the introduction of new employees

Why email marketing helps drive sales

Marketing Emails help for more sales because of the direct communication

Create an email marketing plan communicate directly with your customers possible. When customers give you permission by opt in, you can in a unique way messages directly to their inbox to get. That is why it is very important that you format your mail messages with relevant information and focused on the interests of your customer and its specific needs. 

Non-targeted information will quickly cause customers to unsubscribe. If you do this well, then this will say online marketing channel you are able to 1 on 1 connection with your customer to bring about. This ensures that the can build trust with your customers and that you layallity towards your Online store promotes. 

Email marketing increases the reach of your advertising campaigns

Who doesn't have an email address? That's right, hardly anyone anymore! Because there billions of active email users being in the world offers email marketing a platform for one very large audience reach.

Through your mailing list grow organically you can with genuinely interested people very specific e-mail to people who showed interest for your products and services. With your subscriber list you increase your reach directly to potential customers

You can personalize and segment email advertising.

A good working one email marketing campaign is based on personalization and segmentation. Using a popup, for example, you collect visitors' preferences, find out where someone lives and what someone is looking for. That is why you can send emails with a personal address and focus your marketing in a very targeted way.

For example, we have several email campaigns running on our webshop; 

Personalizing a marketing campaign is the future. This ensures that you are the customer can send personal mail aimed at what he/she is looking for. According to market research by Litmus, 1€ investment, 36€ return on.

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(source : Litmus – Email marketing ROI)

As a result, the conversion chance, the chance that a visitor actually becomes a customer, a lot taller than other forms of marketing. The recipient of a personalized email will be much more inclined to purchase your products.

Mailpoet automated email marketing

Marketing campaigns via email are very cost efficient.

Email marketing strategy has one very high ROI especially since they are such a cost-effective marketing campaigns compared to traditional marketing channels.

With mailing campaigns there are no printing costs and there are (almost) no shipping costs. By the use of Mail poet, a handy one Email marketing plugin for Woocommerce, you automate a whole series of Emails. This saves you time and therefore also financial resources. Moreover, you are constantly "top of mind" with you directly in the mailbox of your customers.  

READING TIP : 5 handy plugins to automate your Woocommerce webshop.

Optimize your email marketing strategy

To optimize your email marketing strategy and get more sales from your emails, there are the following useful techniques: 

all the benefits of a strategic email use in webshops

Email marketing is a very profitable strategy for e-commerce companies increase sales, build customer loyalty and trust and boost growth.

By using this direct marketing communication technology, its personalization features and its cost-effectiveness you will reach more customers, generate leads and ultimately boost conversions.

Optimizing your email marketing strategy is done on the basis of relevant topics, valuable content, responsive and targeted emails. Constantly adjust. Every sent mailing gives you valuable insights to improve the mailing campaign. 

Need HELP with your email marketing strategy?

Do you also want an E-mail campaign for you? start a webshop but you don't know how to get started? Book one web shop meeting (only 45 min) and we are happy to listen to your plans! We are happy to help you set up a mailing campaign.

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