5 impressive e-commerce statistics for maximum webshop sales

Straffe E-commerce statistics

Discover 5 mind-blowing ecommerce statistics

These 5 impressive e-commerce statistics help you decisive insight and the maximize your online sales.

If you want to give the sales in your webshop a strong boost with clear insights, it is best to stay informed key E-commerce statistics. Understanding these 5 key industry trends and consumer behavior will help you build your optimize web store, the improve user experience and achieve higher conversions.

In my blog this week I highlight the TOP 5 ECOMMERCE STATISTICS for 2023 which the greatest impact will have on your sales figures.

As an entrepreneur you are always looking for the most powerful leverage; which 20% effort shall 80% from the result determine.

Therefore, will focus on this 5 improvement options for your webshop, the greatest positive impact have on you sales results

Mobile E-commerce is dominant.

Should this be said, mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets dominate the e-commerce landscape. The striking E-com stats have been pointing in the direction of it for years increasing importance by mobile commerce.

Whopping 73% from all online sales happened to one mobile device 2016 to 2021.   

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AQT now mobile first

An important caveat to these e-commerce statistics is the following;

    • 60% online traffic happens through mobile devices
    • average amount per order is with desktop 40% higher
    • conversion in mobile (1 – 2%). 1 to 1.5% lower than desktop (2 – 3%)

To take advantage of this trend, make sure you Online store mobile friendly is. You do this by designing the webshop in such a way that navigation, ordering and checkout work seamlessly on a mobile phone. 

That's why you need to prioritize mobile responsiveness. This ensures that you tap into a very large market share and can generate more sales.  We create a mobile-friendly webshop for you. 

[source: Statistics].

Social media influences the purchasing decision

Social media for online shops

The influence of social media on webshop sales.

This impressive e-commerce statistic indicates that Social media platforms such as, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, … a considerable one influence have on how and what the customers Today to buy.

It is even so that 54% from consumers admits purchases to have done after they came across products on social media.

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Another more recent study shows that customers are more inclined to buy bee to notice That in line lie with them beliefs and also want to buy more.

To apply this trend in your online marketing strategy you better develop one robust Social Media Strategy

Put your customer first and enter into a dialogue with your target group. Partnerships with influencers are very effective in increasing the reach of your brand. 

By making use of the power of social media networks you will increase your visibility and thus succeed in selling more. 

[source : Sprout Social : Ecommerce trends] [source: GlobalWebIndex]

TIP : Also with a SEO-optimised event calendar you can greatly increase your visibility. Find out how

More involvement by personalizing your offer

e-commerce statistics - Mckinsey - personalisation

Ecommerce metric showing the trend towards personalization

From this ecommerce statistic you can deduce that personalized shopping experiences as ; relevant product recommendations, direct communication, personal approach, the chance of conversion and therefore a sale increases significantly

This is evident from research in recent years 76% from consumers earlier inclined to purchase to do at brands that one personalized experience offer .

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As a webshop owner you can optimize the personalization as follows;

    • collect customer data
    • personalized product promotion and advice
    • personalized emails
    • adapted offers through the channels where the customer is active

By the contact moments with your customers personalize, you deepen the involvement and strengthen the loyalty for your brand and webshop.

This results in one higher conversion rates. Therefore, the visitor becomes a paying customer in your shop. 

[source: Mckinsey – Value of personalization]

E-commerce statistics show the The power of online reviews

We already referred to the importance of reviews in our blog about a good webshop marketing strategy. Online reviews play a crucial role  in directing the purchase decision towards your products, services and online store. 

Whopping 91% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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Google my business reviews example

Additional interesting e-commerce statistics from Bright Local's annual survey; 

  • 76% of consumers reads reviews when looking for a local business 
  • 87% uses the Google reviews! (READING TIP  : Benefits of Google My Business
  • Google reviews are the most trusted reviews
  • 34% of the female consumers would leave a positive review if your products and services are ecological

E-business statistics show strong confidence in Google reviews.

That's why you should encourage satisfied customers to buy one review or testimonial to leave on Google, your own webshop or other relevant platforms (Trustprofile, Trustpilot, Tripadviser).

Prominently displaying your positive reviews creates to trust, increase the credibility and ultimately increase your chances sell more.

[source: BrightLocal].

smooth checkout is paramount for fewer abandoned shopping carts in your webshop

From the E-commerce statistics of the European Ecommerce Report by Mollie it turned out already; consumers want a smooth checkout process. A smooth and streamlined payment process is essential. This takes care of it reducing abandoned shopping carts

At the moment it is average percentage of shopping carts abandoned at approximately 69,99%. In concrete terms, this means that only 30% of the customers who put something in their shopping cart actually buy it!

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Another study by Mollie found that 78% of those surveyed had a smooth payment method, 76% efficient shipping times and 73% Free return quote as important reason to buy.

Mollie payment method Woocommerce webshops

Increase your conversion through checkout simplification in your webshop.

To improve conversions, optimize the checkout process through your webshop;

  • limit the number of form fields
  • 1 page checkout settlement
  • allow to buy without an account
  • offering multiple payment partners
  • secure the payment process

By the simplify the checkout experience, you remove purchase thresholds, thereby reducing the percentage of abandoned carts and increase you so the sales figures.

[source: Baymard Institute] [source: European Ecommerce Report]

Use this for your E-commerce and boost your sales!

As the manager of an e-commerce company, the above concerns 5 crucial statistics for the online industry that you have the right priority your webshop sales can seriously increase.

Focus on the 5 most important optimizations for your webshop, namely; mobile optimization, make use of the power of social media, embrace personalization, make use of online reviews and give prioritizing a seamless checkout experience.

By you online marketing strategy align with these key Ecommerce metrics, improve the experience for your customers, build your confidence and all this takes care of in the end more sales in the rapidly evolving industry of e-commerce.

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