Discover the power of a marketing video for webshop sales.

Video for webshop

A video for webshop is an incredibly powerful tool for more sales

We live in a digital society. Our attention has dropped inversely with this rise of the internet and “volatile” Social Media. Research shows that people only 8.25s [*]. to keep their attention with a quick message.

As an E-commerce company you will innovative and creative come out of the corner to arouse the interest of your potential customers. An effective method that is on the rise is the use of videos for webshops.

Videos have the power to attract visitors to your website involve, at to inform and te convince. This ultimately leads to higher sales figures. 

In this week's blog, I've summarized some interesting information showing that video is a game-changer for generating more sales in your online store.

[*] that's less than a goldfish - but the story is more nuanced according to Forbes – storytelling unlock sustained attention

E-commerce videos build trust and credibility

Video for webshop - SOVM23 - Video has helped people learn more

Customers use videos for the offered webshop products and service 

Visitors to your webshop cannot touch or view the products in your online store. That's why trust is a crucial factor during the day buying process.

Videos provide one authentic and transparent image of what exactly you sell. This closed the gap between one physical interaction like in a store and it virtual product in your online store.

Because potential customers actually see products you offer used by “real people” who recommend them, this creates confidence.

Customers believe it because they see exactly what you sell in an authentic way. That's why influencer marketing works so well. 

This is evident from a market research by Wyzowl 91% of the consumers sometimes one watch video with more explanation to learn more about a product or service.

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By means of video for webshop products that shows the product in action you increase confidence. The same applies to customer testimonials via video or Social Media by, for example, a (credible) influencer. 

The result is higher conversion and more online sales and more sales with your online store.

READING TIP : Online store marketing strategy tips. 

By showing your products in action, answering frequently asked questions, or sharing customer testimonials via video, you can build trust and encourage potential customers to purchase.

Product page with a video stimulates conversion

Video for web shop - Renderforest video statistics

Videos increase conversion in webshops

As a webshop you have the goal, visitors on your webshop convert to paying customers. Therefore it is very efficient to have one marketing video for webshop product pages to add.

Research has shown that this significantly increases conversion.

Renderforest research has shown that recording a video on a landing page the conversion by as much as 80%. [*]

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A video can evoke many more feelings. This is much more powerful than a product description in text.

Moreover, you can do much better highlight sales arguments and explain what the functions are of the product or services that you offer in your webshop. Video is generally regarded as one more effective way of product presentation than pictures and text. 

By means of text, photos and videos add together on the product pages of your webshop you will arouse the customer's interest. This also provides the most valuable information. Therefore you will be the customer finally more convincing to the products or service offered as well actually purchase. 

Marketing videos improve SEO and organic visibility.

Search engines such as Google and Bing love unique content and also video content. Including videos on your product pages Ecommerce website improves SEO.

Video in itself is not SEO ranking factors, however the time visitors stay on your site and the bounce rate yes.

Because videos keep visitors on your site longer and reduce the chance that they immediately disappear, the increase session time and the lower bounce rate. The search engine interprets this as “an interesting page” and it is 2 ranking factors that the Influence SEO positively.

According to Moovly, a video on your website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google's search results. [*]

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Moreover optimize your videos also by the title, description and tags that contain your product name or are relevant to your product or service. This results a improved organic visibility and therefore the chance to more potential customers to your webshop.

Conclusion here surely is that including marketing video in your online store marketing strategy is a very powerful tool to score better with your webshop.  

Video for your webshop attracts attention and increases engagement

Statistics about video marketing 2023

Webshop visitors prefer video over text 

In an abundance of information, text, infographics, images and statistics, one falls video very up and attracts attention of visitors to your webshop. 

A publication of a market research [*] by HubSpot shows that 72% of the webshop visitors prefer a video to a text explaining a product or service in which they are interested.

[*] Hubspot marketing video 

Hubspot research shows that 72% of the visitors on your webshop or website prefer video over text for more information or explanation. 

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Videos for your webshop products or service are dynamic and interactive. Therefore, customers can: 

    • Products visualize better
    • their favorite products action view before purchasing
    • functions of services products understand better

Consequently, by including marketing videos on your product page or in your online store involve potential customers. This ensures that you attracts the attention of your visitors and thus the chance that they will buy something. Like this sets you in an effective way convert visitors into effective customers.

In summary why webshop videos are so powerful.

In the world of E-commerce, competition has increased enormously. As the owner of an online store, it will therefore come down to take every possible advantage. That's why videos are one creative and original way  to stand out and boost sales.

Videos are one for this one powerful tool. The video for webshop products ensures that: 

    • you the attracts attention to products and services in your webshop
    • builds trust about what you sell
    • It conversion rates increase
    • you for your products also on one found organically with your video

The consumption of video is gaining more and more popularity. Integrating videos into your online store marketing plan is strategically a good decision with a guaranteed positive impact on your E-commerce. So if you have the performance of you webshop want improve and want to sell more, don't underestimate the power of videos for your webshop.

If you include videos on your online store, make sure they're from be high quality, relevant to your products and provide value to the visitors to your site. In this way you create an attractive video that arouses curiosity, captivates viewers and ultimately leads to more webshop sales conversions.

Do you also want a video for your webshop?

In our shop you can easily buy one purchase professional video. We will then make a video based on a blog or It script that you provide to us. 

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