Discover how a webshop consultant can help you to success.

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A webshop consultant helps you make your E-commerce successful.

In the current business climate, there is a lot of competitiveness. The online business is international, price competitive, rapidly evolving and sometimes quite complex technically. Commercial success with E-commerce and good sales with your online shop requires more than just a website. 

To achieve effective success with online sales through your Woocommerce webshop is a good expert guidance welcome. This is where a webshop consultant comes into play.

In this blog post we give you more insight into the valuable role of a webshop advisor and take a closer look at the thorough methods we use to optimize your online store.

Holistic Webshop Analysis

Build a Woocommerce webshop

A holistic = global webshop analysis

As a professional web shop consultant, we always start with an extensive global analysis of your e-commerce website. The most comprehensive analysis is ours Performance Analysis PRO.

With this online shop performance analysis we assess crucial elements such as :

  • user experience UX – User Experience
  • navigation – internal and external link structure
  • SEO optimization
  • speed of the webshop

The goal here is the conversion funnel optimization. In other words, that webshop visitors become customers.

Did you know that a site that is in 1 second loads, a e-commerce conversion rate has that 2.5x higher is then a site that in 5 seconds loads.

SOURCE : Site speed impacts your conversion rate. 

By identifying problems and areas for improvement and propose solutions, an e-commerce consultant will help you improve web store

This results in one very user-friendly online store and higher customer satisfaction. because of this increases you the conversion rate, the number of orders and so de turnover of your online shop

Already have a webshop and want to optimise it? We also help webshops improve and rank higher in search results with our tailor-made webshop advice or if seo consultant.

If you do not yet have a webshop, get assistance from a Webshop Consultant if you have a want to build a webshop. This makes a big difference in the Making your E-commerce successful

Target group research - who are your ideal customers?

AQT Now online marketing target group

Aim for the right webshop target group

To understand who your (potential) customers are and what they are looking for (which keywords – search terms do they use) leads to targeted action.

As a result, you will generate more traffic to your web store and therefore also benefit the conversion.

As a webshop consultant, we conduct research into who that ideal customer is and what they are looking for. With this knowledge we give tailor-made webshop advice and we will provide assistance in formatting one targeted marketing plan for more sales in your online store. 

Testing showed that the conversion rate was up to 5x higher for customers who clicked on personalized product recommendations than customers who did not click.

SOURCE : Guide personalized product recommendations tactics for profits (Guide)

Through a good understanding of who exactly is your target audience and what they are looking for we can as a webshop consultant help to better tailor the offer to your customers and their needs, whatever results in higher sales figures

SEO and keyword research and optimization

A webshop consultant with expertise recognizes the power of search engine optimization (SEO) in increasing the visibility of your website.

We do extensive keyword research keywords with high traffic and low competition. 

They must be relevant to your products or services. Then we will focus on this. 

Customized web shop advice - seo advice

How do we do the SEO optimization?

We do this by optimizing and adding keywords and synonyms of the keywords in:

  • the content – relevant information and content
  • meta tags – meta title, meta description
  • product descriptions and category descriptions
  • URLs structure of your webshop

The result of this is a better ranking in the search results and naturally more traffic to your site.

Research shows that websites that on the first page of search results to appear 91.5% of the traffic received, underlining the importance of SEO.

With optimized content your webshop gets more exposure and pulls it more potential customers On.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategies

A webshop consultant fits Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) . Simply explained, we use strategies to maximize the number of webshop visitors that turn into customers.

Here is an overview of the methods we use:

  • analyze user behavior – for example, where do customers leave the shop the most, we then tackle that page
  • we perform A/B testing
  • optimize landing pages
  • improving product descriptions
  • simplifying checkout processes (one page checkout)

Did you know that a simple color change on an “add to my cart” can increase conversions by as much as 21%?

By implementing CRO techniques, we ensure that as a webshop consultant we your build a website to attract visitors and turn them into customers who buy. This leads to more sales and higher cash flow.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

Woocommerce Webshop Consultant 2

Analysis tools for a good follow-up

As a webshop consultant, we naturally want the measure the effectiveness of our actions and strategies. There are common tools for this such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console

If these are not yet set correctly, we can help you with that. We also use more specialized analysis tools.

With this we track the most important performance indicators, such as the number of visitors, the effective conversion rates and the customer involvement like the time they stay on the site if it bounce rate on. 

If Woocommerce consultant – specialist we also help with the integration of the analysis tools in your WordPress site

In concrete terms, we monitor everything and translate this into an understandable report with recommendations based on data-driven insights. This is how we ensure continuous improvement of your webshop.

Companies using data-driven decision-making are more profitable than their competitors.

Guidance from a webshop consultant ensures well-considered decisions that improve your e-commerce activities and ensure success.

In summary: what can a webshop consultant do for you?

Working together with us as a webshop consultant can bring about a serious change for you as a webshop entrepreneur.

With their expertise in the field of

  • a global webshop analysis
  • target group research – we are your ideal customers
  • seo – optimization of your shop for the search engines 
  • CRO – optimizing the conversion
  • data analysis

We help concretely unleash the full potential of your online store, attract more visitors and turn these visitors into customers. In this way we ensure success for the future. 

Do you also want help from a webshop consultant?

Do you also want help from a webshop consultant to help you optimize your webshop for conversion and more success? Book one web shop meeting (only 45min) and we are happy to listen to your plans! Maybe we can help you.

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