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Everything you need for your online marketing strategy can be purchased here. Our main products are the standard performance analysis, the business performance analysis and the PRO performance analysis. Also the format of a Google Adwords campaign or eg also the creating a Social Media account you can purchase here. As Woocommerce consultant We also help E-commerce companies with specific tailor-made webshop advice.

What is online marketing

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What exactly is online marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is advertising of products and services online. AQT Now specialises as a marketing company is this form of online advertising for E-commerce companies, web shops and web shops.

What does internet advertising consist of

Marketing through the Word Wide Web consists of direct methods such as ; Ad Words from google or bannering on other websites or sponsored posts through social media channels.This form of digital advertising also consists of indirect methods such as SEO (search engine optimisation), email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing or content marketing via blog articles, for example.More webshop sales with online marketing such as SEO and SEA are nowadays 2 key pillars of an online marketing plan and strategy.

Do digital online advertising yourself or outsource?

The 2 options are possible of course. For start-ups or smaller companies, it is perfectly possible to the digital advertising for your Online store make your own. Our webshop is useful for this. If you are less versed in a component, you can buy individual marketing service products from us.If you want to take a structured approach, first consider purchasing 1 of our marketing plans ; Other parts of your internet marketing you can buy include a blog, An have video made by us , your have google my business profile created or a social media post pack purchase. You will then do the strategy, posting and monitoring yourself in the process.
Woocommerce webshop tailor-made advice

Outsource online publicity strategy

If you are an E-commerce company 100% want to focus on your core business, selling products or service services. If so, you can choose to have your webshop marketing to be outsourced to a woocommerce consultant knowledgeable.You can call on our tailor-made webshop advice. As a marketing agency is AQT Now bv specialises in online marketing for Woocommerce shops.