Better webshop customer service with these 3 tips.

Better webshop customer service - 3 tips

Customer is king in the world of e-commerce. A satisfied customer means a returning customer, and that's what you want as the manager of a Woocommerce webshop online business. Therefore, a key breaking point of satisfied customers is a excellent customer service.

Be here three tips for webshops to improve their customer service and improve your customer experience (UX–User Experience.)

Be reachable through different channels

better webshop customer service - chat channels

A better webshop customer service communicates through different channels.

Customers want  easy and fast contact can record with the customer service of your webshop. Therefore, it is important to be accessible through various channels, such as by e-mail, telephone and social media.

Messages nowadays not only come via email, but also via Facebook messenger, Google messages, Whatsapp and via, for example, a chat function on your site.

Above all, it is therefore incredibly important to clearly mention as these channels on your Woocommerce webshop, so customers know how to contact you. As a result, customers can reach you easily. Finally, this ensures a good customer service experience.

TIP : we use Crisp chat – you can link different messaging services to this and you keep an overview.

Use tools and the latest technology to improve your webshop customer contacts.

It's also important to respond quickly to questions and complaints. If a customer has a question a few days after receiving their order, they don't want to wait long for an answer. Therefore, it is advisable to within 24 hours respond to emails and social media messages.

For example, for phone calls it is important to answer as quickly as possible, working with VOIP and working with mobile phones can help with this.

Provide a personal approach

Better webshop customer service - 3 tips

A personalised approach can make all the difference in customer service for your webshop. Customers want to feel heard and understood. Therefore, a personalised approach helps.

The main difference you will be able to make in the future is with human and personal contact

For example, it is advisable to address customers by their first name instead of with "Dear Customer“.

To conclude, also ask questions, asking questions is showing that you are really involved with the customer. Moreover, asking questions also helps you understand the customer's problem better.

Communication is part of your webshop marketing

A personal approach can also help solve problems. For example, if a customer has a complaint, it can help to show empathy and understanding and to offer a tailor-made solution.

READING TIP : Personalization is super important – Find out why here : 5 impressive E-commerce statistics.

This gives the customer the feeling that he or she is really being listened to and that everything is being done to solve the problem.

Consider communicating as part of your online store marketing strategy. Good, clear and smooth communication improves the webshop customer service experience.

Provide a good FAQ page to improve the customer experience with the webshop service.

Your customers have questions, lots of questions. That is why it is important to pay enough attention to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and answer as many questions as possible.

There are 2 advantages of a well-kept FAQ section in your webshop. Here's the overview:

  1. by answering the questions, even the trivial questions, shows that your organisation's expertise has. As a result, the customers understand that the company they come into contact with is a specialist in the field. This creates trust and in the company and helps the customer to buy from you – after all, the specialist.
  2. an extensive one FAQ' page does that a lot questions answered are, before the customer contacts you. This way, you relieve yourself and your colleagues of answering the same recurring questions.

TIPS for smooth communication :

  • get the same question regularly? That is A topic you can include in the FAQs from your webshop.
  • in the chat function CRISP CHAT you can set up automated responses and you can fast expert answers to recurring questions in the chat.


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